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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Reporting

Research shows that investment in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) related initiatives can create greater value and contribute a positive return on investment to a company. ESG reporting is quickly moving from a voluntary corporate PR tool to a regulated B2B prerequisite, and consists of non-financial factors, such as carbon emissions, that organizations, including fleets, are increasingly expected to report data on. As ESG initiatives continue to create greater value for organizations, it is becoming more important for fleet managers to track and calculate fleet emissions and emissions reductions.

NAFA is offering an ESG reporting application, designed and vetted by fuel and fleet leaders specifically for fleet operations. Whether your fleet is a publicly traded company, a municipality, or other organization that currently performs ESG reporting, or any organization that is looking to calculate and track their emissions/emissions reductions, this comprehensive reporting tool will serve as your go-to ESG resource.

About the ESGi Application

Designed by ESG integrity, a program developed by the Fuels Institute, the ESGi application allows fleet managers to confidently track and share their organization’s fleet operations ESG metrics, assisting the fuels and transportation industries with meeting the growing demand for ESG planning and reporting.

Through this new ESG reporting application, your fleet will be able to:

Understand the impacts of ESG initiatives and create greater value for your organization

Collect, compute, and report ESG metrics using emissions data (scope 1, 2, 3) through automated ESG reporting

Confidently track and share your organization’s fleet operations ESG metrics with exportable ready-to-use reports

Set goals to improve and set metrics for the next several years

Discover what ESG scoring bodies are looking for

Receive significant cost savings on ESG reporting

At your fingertips is the ability to track emissions data and apply transparent methods of emissions calculations for a fraction of the cost. NAFA members receive access to the ESGi application at a reduced license fee.

By tracking data and applying transparent methods of emissions calculations, users can confidently share their ESG metrics. The ESGi application incorporates the following frameworks:

  • GREET Modeling
  • Exportable Reports
  • Piecewise Data Entry
  • Report Archives

ESGi Application Licensing Subscription Fees for the Fleet Industry

NAFA members will receive access to this application at a discounted member rate.

NAFA Public/Government Members: $10,000 per year

NAFA Corporate Members: $15,000 per year

Non-Members: $20,000 per year

Benefits of ESG Reporting

Successful ESG programs can result in top-line growth, cost reductions, reduced regulatory and legal interventions, increased productivity, asset optimization, and enhanced operational performance. ESG reporting can help limit financial risk, improve your organization’s access to capital, and reduce operating expenses, among other impactful benefits.