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NAFA produces informational and educational guides to assist you in mastering your responsibilities. From lifecycle cost analysis to driver safety, these products examine core competencies of fleet management as well as subjects of particular interest in a wide variety of formats.

Automotive Fleet Guidebooks—2023 Edition

With eight comprehensive guides available, you’ll have access to expert knowledge that is instrumental in transforming your fleet operations. Modernized and refreshed, NAFA’s Automotive Fleet Guidebook series have been updated to ensure their content remains relevant and aligned with the advancements in the industry. Discover the latest best practices and cutting-edge insights with these resources. The dedication and expertise of our volunteer subject matter experts have been instrumental in modernizing these guides.
Print Format

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Electronic Download
 Asset Management Guide (e-Download)

This Automotive Fleet Guidebook covers the wide range of activities associated with asset management including vehicle selection, procurement, commissioning, disposal, remarketing and decommissioning. Because fleet assets and costs related to them represent a significant portion of an organization’s net value and operating expenses, fleet managers that are skilled in asset management can significantly improve an organization’s profitability and cost effectiveness.

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Business Law & Policy Guide (e-Download)

This Automotive Fleet Guidebook covers various legal issues with fleet management implications. Because regulations and legislation govern fleet managers’ relationships within their organization and their interaction with various external parties, rights, responsibilities, and requirements for relationships with leasing companies, automotive dealers, supply or service contractors, and insurance companies are included. Building upon those concepts, this guide explores contracts, torts, bailment, and agency law. This information helps managers understand fleet policies and procedures, including policy writing and procedure development.

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Financial Principles & Practices Guide (e-Download)

How does life cycle cost analysis help quantify the decision-making process for determining when a piece of equipment needs replacing? How can you use benchmarking principles to ensure your fleet operates optimally? While many organizations have an accounting department for handling finances, effective fleet management also requires knowledge of the financial considerations that affect their fleet operations. This 2023 Automotive Fleet Guidebook presents these general finance competencies every fleet manager should know, including analysis of various acquisition options, ability to conduct a life cycle analysis, basic accounting principles, benchmarking, outsourcing decisions, and preparing and implementing a fleet budget.

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Information Management Guide (e-download)

Information Management Technology (IMT) plays a crucial role in the work of fleet managers and mobility professionals as they ensure their organization’s fleet is properly maintained, serviced, and used efficiently. This 2023 Automotive Fleet Guidebook introduces the technical aspects of the role of fleet management, including Fleet Information Management Systems (FIMS) and other applications that impact the processes, systems, hardware, and software needed to conduct day-to-day operations. This information will advance the capacity for data collection, analysis, and communication of critical business intelligence, including tracking and monitoring vehicle assets, optimizing routes and schedules, identifying fuel savings opportunities, ensuring compliance with company policies, and more.

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Vehicle Maintenance & Performance Guide (e-Download)

Vehicle maintenance directly impacts every aspect of fleet management, from productivity to drive satisfaction, from corporate image to safety, environmental compliance to the financial bottom line, and everything in between. This 2023 Automotive Fleet Guidebook provides an overview of essential maintenance principles, including scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance and repairs, developing a preventive maintenance (PM) program, record-keeping, employee training, regulatory compliance, inventory management, and outcome reporting or benchmarking.

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Organizational Leadership Guide (e-Download)

Given the rapid rate of change and complex issues facing the industry and workforce, it’s not enough to simply maintain the status quo. Fleet industry leaders must stay ahead of the curve. This 2023 Automotive Fleet Guidebook examines competencies that are essential to professional growth and leading others, including personal, interpersonal, and organizational skills and abilities. We’ll explore how to motivate different styles, identities, and generations of employees, how to identify and support training needs, staff development, and assessment, manage and lead change, and a variety of legal and administrative matters such as privacy, harassment, safety, and diversity. We’ll also explore the structure and composition of teams and the role of people managers.

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Risk Management Guide (e-Download)

This 2023 Automotive Fleet Guidebook provides fleet managers the tools to identify, quantify, and mitigate risk across the fleet and organization on a regular basis. It involves developing policies, procedures, and strategies to reduce the likelihood of accidents, vehicle damage, theft, and other incidents that can negatively impact a company’s operations and bottom line. Whether an organization has a dedicated risk manager or not, this guide unpacks the definition of risk and the risk management process before discussing the major methods of preventing loss and helping fleet managers identify, analyze, quantify, and mitigate risk independently or in partnership with risk management leaders.

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Vehicle Fuel Management Guide (e-Download)

Effective fuel management is integral to fleet operations, and reducing these expenses can result in significant cost savings. This 2023 Automotive Fleet Guidebook covers a variety of traditional and alternative fuel considerations, giving readers a solid foundational understanding of fuel types, delivery systems, storage, technologies, and the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices. This guide helps savvy fleet management professionals gain a deep understanding of both conventional and alternative fuels and helps them comply with environmental regulations and corporate ESG commitments.

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Other Guides

Sustainable Fleet Guide (e-Download)

This guide discusses how sustainability is an important consideration in all aspects of business operations, especially fleet management. Ensuring that fleet operations are sustainable is a critical function of fleet management from acquisition through to vehicle remarketing.

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Global Fleet Guide (e-Download)

Whether you are new to global fleet management or have been managing an international fleet for several years, NAFA’s Global Fleet Guide will set a standard of excellence for your dealings within and outside your organization, with customers, suppliers, and drivers.

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Law Guide for Fleet Professionals (e-Download)

Your organization has legal counsel to guide you. The Law Guide provides a wealth of knowledge on key legal subjects to assist you in knowing when you need legal assistance and help you talk over fleet issues with the lawyers. This product covers basic business and tort law with fleet application.

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Lifecycle Cost Analysis for Fleets

NAFA’s Lifecycle Cost Analysis for Fleets was created to show fleet managers how to implement the use of analytical financial modeling within their vehicle fleets.

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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Fleet Utilization and Achieving a Right-Sized Fleet

The Ultimate Guide offers an in-depth look at how to understand and change your fleet utilization. Whether you are new to the fleet industry or have spent years managing vehicle fleets, this e-book is for you. In it you will learn about:

  • Utilization basics: Capacity and demand
  • Common fleet utilization metrics
  • Fleet utilization studies, including baselining, setting targets, affecting change, and continuously analyzing utilization
  • The importance of fleet policy relative to utilization
  • Discrete initiatives to consider that will improve fleet utilization

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Nonmember: $99.00

The Ultimate Guide was developed by Agile Fleet in cooperation with NAFA Fleet Management Association.

Vehicle Classification System (e-Download)

Comprehensive and flexible enough to apply to any fleet application, the NAFA Standard Vehicle and Equipment Classification Code addresses the deficiencies of the various classification schemes in use today.

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