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Certifications are valid for five years from the date of issue and graduates are required to earn a set number of recertification points, every five years to maintain their designation. The requirements for CAFM Recertification are 80 points. Recertification also requires a renewal fee of $150 paid by the due date.

Submissions will be processed upon request prior to the recertification due date.

Recertification Points and Values

Graduates are encouraged to keep a recertification file to collect and document all professional education and community activities. It is recommended to use a Recertification Tracking Sheet to track any points accumulated prior to them being entered into the online recertification tool. (You are encouraged to review your file and points annually to assess the remaining points needed to meet your recertification requirements.)

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) points required for recertification are 80 points CAFM; 50 points CAFS. Refer to the recertification guidelines below for instructions to complete the online process.

CAFM(S) Recertification Guidelines

Recertification Submission

CAFM designees should use the online NAFA Learning Management System (LMS) to record, track, and submit their recertification points for submission.

Below are steps to review/update their points and review submission deadlines:

  • Login to the NAFA Learning Management System (LMS) with the username and password you use for your NAFA account.
  • Click the “My Courses” icon on the leftmost sidebar.
  • You will see that you already have access to a CAFM(S) Recertification tool (Effective Year-Due Year) for the most recent five-year period.
  • Please refer to the Recertification Tracking Sheet and review your points to ensure accuracy.

Use this form to contact NAFA if you have any questions or issues with recertification.

Lapsed Certification

CAFM graduates have a three-month grace period following the expiration deadline to submit their recertification application. Individuals who do not earn enough points for recertification by their due date—or who fail to submit form or fees to NAFA— will lose the right to use the CAFM designation.

Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on an individual basis and requests for extensions can be submitted by email at

Please note, after the grace period for expired recertification has ended, you will be referred to reinstatement of your CAFM which will require further submissions and fees.

Lifetime Certification

Upon reaching age sixty (60) or upon formal retirement, a CAFM(S) graduate is eligible to be considered certified for life. NAFA requires that a Lifetime Recertification Request form be submitted along with documentation showing proof of age before a Lifetime Certification is presented. Payment of $100 also applies.

Please email to inquire about Lifetime Certification.