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Enrolling into the Certification Program

Do the CAFM online Boot Camp webinars help candidates prepare for exams?

The CAFM program is designed to be a self-study program and can definitely be achieved through self-study of the Reference Guides and Study Guides. Many adult learners, however, learn better with the audio/visual aids that the online Boot Camp webinar presentations provide. These webinars cover the same materials as the Reference Guides through a series of power point slides presented by industry experts. Since they are pre-recorded, you can access them at will and watch the recording as many times as needed.

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Preparing for and Taking Exams

How do I purchase my exams?

You can register for the exams on the website. Exams have the same expiration date as your CAFM program (three years).

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How many tests should I take at a time?

You may take as many exams as you would like. Your decision on how many to take should be based on your level of preparation and how much material you can retain at one time.

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How do I schedule my CAFM exam?

You do not need to schedule your exam with NAFA or a testing center. Since the exams are online, you can take them anytime you want.

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If I study all the questions in the study guide, does that cover what is on the test?

Yes. The Study Guides are designed to be a ‘road map’ through the Reference Guide. If you carefully answer all of the Study Guide questions, you can use that document for further study and review to prepare for the exams.

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How long do I have to take each exam and how many questions are there?

Each exam is one-hour long and has 50 multiple-choice questions.

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Is there a recommendation on which order you should take the modules?

There is no recommendation from NAFA, though most people start with Asset Management. You may complete the modules in any order.

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How many hours of study is normally required for each module?

Everyone starts with a different level of experience and learns at a different pace, so the time spent in study to successfully pass each module varies greatly. Survey responses have indicated that a minimum of 20-25 hours per module is required.

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Will I be able to find out which specific questions I answered incorrectly?

You will not be able to find out which questions you answered incorrectly. You will be informed by what percentage you passed or failed. (The pass mark is 70%.)

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When do I recertify?

CAFM graduates are required to earn a set number of recertification points, every five years to maintain their designation. The requirements for CAFM Recertification are 80 points.

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