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About NAFA Fleet Management Association

NAFA is the world’s largest membership association for individuals who manage the vehicular fleet and mobility responsibilities for their employers. NAFA propels the fleet and mobility profession through its world-class certification, education, advocacy, and connections. It is an essential element of success for individuals involved in the profession.

Who are NAFA Members?
NAFA has more than 2,000 individual fleet manager members who come from corporations, public safety (law enforcement, fire departments), education (universities and K-12 school systems), governments agencies (federal, state, municipal, provincial), utilities, and any other entity that uses vehicles in its normal conduct of business or needs to move people or goods from one place to another.

The fleets managed by NAFA’s members run the gamut from light-, to medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles, including sedans, vans, emergency response vehicles, utility trucks, delivery vehicles, buses, and specialized equipment. Depending on the employer’s mission, these fleets may be contained to single geographic area, dispersed among multiple regions or states, or reside in multiple countries. Regardless of the fleets’ location, the similarity among them is that they are run by a NAFA Member who is responsible for each vehicle’s selection, specification, acquisition, maintenance, repair, fueling, safety, and eventual remarketing.

NAFA members control more than 4.8 million vehicles and manage assets in excess of $122 billion. These vehicles travel more than 84-billion miles annually.

In addition, NAFA is supported by more than 1,000 Associate Members representing companies that support fleet managers in their jobs. These include vehicle manufacturers, leasing companies, aftermarket equipment suppliers, telematics firms, service providers, and others.

NAFA members connect with each other and the fleet industry through eight Regions, which build lasting fleet professional connections.

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