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Preparing for the Exams

Congratulations on signing up for your certification. This will be a great journey for you as you embark on earning your CAFM.

Earning and maintaining the certification is a two-part process. Now that you enrolled in the certification program, the next step is to study for, take, and pass the required exams for each module. After successful passing all required modules in the allotted time, you will have earned your certification. Once you have earned the credential, you must maintain it by fulfilling certification renewal requirements every five years.

To properly navigate through this program, it is suggested that you tackle one module at a time. Review the module outline, study guide questions, and required readings. It is recommended to save each study guide on your hard drive so you may type and enter your answers questions directly into the guide as well as print for review. Many of the recommended readings are rather large files, so you may want to print them intermittently or perhaps decide which ones you prefer to print and which to access directly from the program.

Planning Your Path

Now is the time to get started. Begin early and determine a path for your studying and exam taking. Then develop a plan of action for the courses, reading, and mentoring in areas where you need to strengthen your knowledge.

Give yourself the best chance for success. Spend as much time on preparation as needed so that you pass the exam the first time you take it. Look for opportunities to broaden your perspective. Like any learning initiative, give yourself adequate time to navigate all the required modules. Participating in list serve discussions (especially in the NAFA online community), and networking with a variety of fleet professionals can help you better understand the nuances of different areas of fleet management.

Each of the eight modules consist of a Reference Guide and a Study Guide. These guides have been designed to aid a candidate’s success in completing the CAFM certification.

Study Guides

Study Guides work in conjunction with the Reference Guides and include an outline of the covered content, learning objectives, and the Education Competency Model (ECM) for each module, which provides the structure of the certification program. The Study Guide also contains detailed questions that that pull from important content from the Reference Guide. Understanding and answering these questions will help you do well on the exam. Each module is further divided into sub-competencies, with an assigned percentage of the 50 questions that reflects the weighting of that sub-competency for each exam.

Reference Guides

Reference Guides are textbooks created by industry subject matter experts. These guides are very comprehensive and as the name implies, can be used for as a reference. Reference guides are a great resource even once you finished the certification program these are a great resource. They will be available online when you enroll for into the certificate program.

Boot Camp Webinars

Enhanced enrollment includes on-demand, pre-recorded webinars for each module. The webinars, presented by industry experts, are three-four hours in length and cover the same content as the Reference Guides. Once purchased, you can access them at will and watch the recordings as many times as needed.

Accessing Certification Study Materials

  1. Log on to with your username and your existing password.
  2. Once logged in click the email hyperlink on the top right-hand corner of the screen next to “Logged in as:”
  3. Now you are in your Member Portal. For direct access to your study materials, scroll down and click on “My Digital Library and Certification” link under your contact information on the left side of the screen materials.
  4. Each Discipline has its own set of study materials and exam.

About the Certification Exams
Each CAFM certification exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions, to be taken in a one-hour timeframe. There are two types of questions, fact recall and application of knowledge.

Fact recall questions are the most straightforward. They simply test your ability to recall a fact covered in the Study Guide. Applications of knowledge questions take a principle from the Study Guide and require you to apply it to answer the question. They may take the form of a computation or a comparison.

On the CAFM exams you will not find “all of the above” or “none of the above” as choices. For every question, there is one correct answer. Pass or fail results are provided immediately at the completion of each module exam.

You are now ready to register for the exams.


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