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Colleen Gallagher
OnWrd & UpWrd, on behalf of NAFA
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EDISON, N.J. (APRIL 18, 2023) – NAFA Fleet Management Association (NAFA), the vehicle fleet industry’s largest membership association, today announced the leaders that make up the Regional Councils as part of NAFA’s new regional governance model rolled out earlier this year.

“The new regional structure was born from a multi-year effort and driven by NAFA leadership, staff and groups of members that shaped a plan to allow all members to make the most of their membership regardless of where they work,” says Bill Schankel, CAE, CEO of NAFA. “We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of interest to serve on our new Regional Councils and know these leaders will be instrumental in our ongoing evolution of NAFA to expand our member value as our industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace.”

The following individuals sit on NAFA’s eight Regional Councils:

Jacqueline Agel (Chair)
Hannah Abdoo
Justin Flannery
Chris Langlois
Brian J. Scott

Brandon S. Boring (Chair)
Oleg Cytowicz
David T. Hayward
Tadeh Issakhanian
Robin N. Meritt
Nancy L. Murray
Lisa R. Nutter
J. Darryl Syler
Kyle Waters

Chris Hartlep (Chair)
Trevor Crawford
Naomi Kislanski
Donna Lind
Jennifer J. Morgan
Parthiban Parasuraman
Elizbeth Stomberg
Josh Wallace
Russell Werra
Nicolas Wilson

Kathy R. Wellik (Chair)
Lance Flegel
Michael Keim
Michael McDonald
David D. McFarland
Peggy Schuette

James Laverty (Chair)
Eric Chitoubol
Levi C. Clark
Jacob Mahan
Jason Rosete
Michael Stoller

Brenda Peshel (Chair)
Timothy E. Coxwell
Michael Naglieri
Marie A. Pepper
Dave Persad
Cedric B. Roberts
Shelley Warren

Thomas Christian (Chair)
Amy Boone
Tim Fortson
Jeff G. Hill
Brian Marshall
Mike Mosakowski
Bo Villarreal
John T. Walden
Wayne W. Westerholm

Josh E. Turley (Chair)
Elmer Andujar
Mike Antich
Gwen Black
Patrick Collins
Lorie A. Gill
David Mattke
Bradley J. Northup
Desiree Taylor

NAFA is pleased to welcome these dedicated individuals to the Regional Councils. Their service to the fleet and mobility world inspires innovation, creates progress and truly keeps our industry moving forward.

Several events around the new Regional Governance model are set to take place during NAFA’s Institute & Expo in Baltimore this week including a regional leader coaching session and the NAFA Regional Forum and Leadership Experience Overview, which will provide an opportunity for members to meet with their home region and brainstorm ideas for goals within the new structure. It will also preview the 2023 NAFA Leadership Experience launching in early May. Additionally, a regional reception was held Monday evening to kick off the conference.

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About NAFA Fleet Management Association
NAFA Fleet Management Association is the membership organization for professionals who manage the mobility requirements of vehicle fleets that include commercial, public safety, trucks, and buses of all types and sizes; and a wide range of military and off-road equipment for corporations, governments, universities, utility fleets, and law enforcement in North America and across the globe. NAFA’s members are responsible for the specification, acquisition, maintenance, repair, fueling, risk management, and remarketing of more than 4.8 million vehicles that drive an estimated 84 billion miles each year. NAFA’s members control assets and services well above $122 billion each year.

For more information, please visit, and communicate with NAFA on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.