Fleet Discipline Certificate Program

Fleet Discipline Certificate Program

NAFA's Fleet Discipline Certificate Program allows individuals an opportunity to take one fleet discipline at a time.

The content is the same as what is required for CAFM or CAFS program certification as well as the Sustainable module which is currently not part of the CAFM or CAFS certification requirements. 

Each Fleet Discipline Certificate includes the Reference Guide, Study Guide with practice questions, and a Certification Exam.  

A list of the nine Fleet Discipline Certificates can be found below with a link for more detailed information.



Additional Savings

If an individual earns one or more discipline certificates, NAFA will provide the individual with a discounted enrollment rate for pursuing either the full CAFM or CAFS program.

Please contact NAFA's Education Team at if you need more details.


Individual Fleet Discipline Certificate Program Advantages

  • Gain Fleet Expertise One Discipline at a Time
  • Perfect for Corporate Buyers, Service Provider Staff, and Busy Fleet Managers
  • Pay for One Discipline at a Time

NAFA’s Fleet Discipline Certificates give fleet managers, corporate buyers, fleet management company representatives, and service provider employees an easy, effective method of learning “best practices” in a specific fleet management discipline.


Fleet Management Discipline Certificates

Earn one or more of NAFA’s nine available Fleet Discipline Certificates to address the breadth of knowledge necessary to become well-rounded in an aspect of a fleet management professional. 

Each certificate includes one exam. 

To learn more about each individual Fleet Discipline Certificate, make your purchase, and begin your studies, please click one of the nine certificates below:


  1. Asset Management
  2. Business Management
  3. Financial Management
  4. Information Management
  5. Maintenance Management
  6. Professional Development
  7. Risk Management
  8. Vehicle Fuel Management
  9. Sustainable Fleet Management

More and more career-oriented individuals in the fleet industry want training specifically related to their jobs, and NAFA’s Fleet Discipline Certificates can enhance your performance, improve support to your customers, and create a path towards becoming a fleet professional.


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