NAFA Foundation

Encouraging Fleet Management Research & Education


  • Promotion and Encouragement Of Education and Research Projects
  • Directing Project Goals and Objectives
  • Receiving, Administering and Disbursing Grants and Contributions

The NAFA Foundation was incorporated in 1976 as a not-for-profit entity conforming to all provisions under IRS 501(c)(3) and 509(a). The Foundation continues to maintain this status and its mission is the same as the originally conceived purpose.

In the early years, the Foundation Board worked closely with institutions of higher learning to conduct case studies relating to vehicular fleet management. These studies were intended to assist and guide the fleet manager with their functions and responsibilities. As the Foundation matured its focus grew so as to benefit the entire fleet industry. In 1989 the Foundation conducted a qualitative analysis for company provided vehicles. It compared the cost of ownership or lease by an organization to that of individual allowance. That study was updated in 2003. An Excel-based Lease vs Buy vs Reimbursement program was developed in 1998 as a working tool to help fleet professionals make a thorough analysis of the various options. Over two thousand copies of the program have been distributed. The third version, LBR 1.2, was just released.

The Foundation conducted four annual benchmarking studies of the services provided to the fleet manager by the three major U.S. nameplate vehicle manufacturers. A similar study was conducted for several of the vehicle management companies. The findings from these studies allowed the OEMs and management companies to improve their services based on the importance to the customer.

The Foundation welcomes project suggestions and financial support for the project. All projects are administered and directed by the Board to ensure integrity and unbiased results.


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