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NAFA Thanks CA Legislators for Bill to Improve the Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation

Edison, N.J. (February 22, 2024) NAFA Fleet Management Association welcomes the introduction bill SB1393 by Senator Roger Niello (SD6) and Assemblymember Juan Alanis (AD22) to establish an Advanced Clean Fleets Appeals Advisory Committee. NAFA appreciates their attention to this critical issue and their constructive approach to improving the compliance process for the Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation (ACF). We look forward to working with them and other stakeholders to advance this legislation in a bipartisan manner.

The public and private sector fleets managed by NAFA’s members support the Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation and are working diligently to reduce the carbon intensity of fleet operations while ensuring that they continue to provide the many critical fleet services Californians rely upon.

Those include public services such as fire, police, ambulance and other emergency services, mail delivery, school buses and public transit, and private sector services such as long-haul trucking, utility services and package delivery.

“NAFA and its members worked with California Air Resources Board staff to include greater compliance flexibility in the ACF as we work to decarbonize fleets and the important services they provide,” said Bill Schankel, CAE, CEO of NAFA. “We thank Senator Niello and Assemblymember Alanis for introducing legislation to create the Advanced Clean Fleets Appeals Advisory Committee to provide greater clarity and transparency in the implementation of the ACF.”

The ACF sets ambitious compliance deadlines for fleets to transition to an increasing proportion of zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs). Fortunately, the ACF recognizes that the ZEV transition requires access to adequate utility infrastructure for alternative fueling such as EV charging, as well as ZEVs that provide the full spectrum of important services that fleets provide. The ACF provides that fleets may request exemptions granting compliance flexibility in cases where, for reasons beyond their control, such as the availability of utility substations or ZEVs with the needed service capabilities, fleets cannot meet the compliance timetables. However, the ACF does not provide clarity on how such exemption requests are to be evaluated and decided upon, nor does it provide a process for any administrative review of exemption request denials by the Air Resources Board (ARB).

“Implementing a regulation of this magnitude needs to have some checks and balances,” said Senator Roger Niello. “Having industry experts like fleet managers be a part of this process is crucial in improving the regulation so that the rules and goals we set help the people of California.”

This bill provides for a formal process by which fleets may request review of exemption request denials by ARB to an Advanced Clean Fleets Appeals Advisory Committee that is comprised of government officials from relevant agencies and private sector representatives with relevant fleet, vehicle and utility expertise. It also provides for transparency in the decision making process. These improvements to the ACF will ensure that fleets can continue to work diligently to decarbonize their operations and comply with the ACF without being penalized for factors beyond their control.

“California’s trucking fleets are the backbone of today’s goods movement, yet California continues to move the goal post on emission standards,” said Assemblymember Alanis. “I’m proud to join Senator Niello on SB 1393, a common sense measure bringing together various stakeholders with a vested interest in meeting the states mandates while also ensuring due process.  I thank Senator Niello for his leadership on this issue.”

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