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OneNAFA: Embracing Change and Growth – Building Our Future Together

Welcome to a new era at NAFA. As our industry evolves rapidly, we’re committed to staying ahead of the curve, ensuring that our members are always at the forefront of this dynamic landscape.

OneNAFA: A Year of Transformation
The last year has seen NAFA undergo a significant transformation. We’ve embraced a regional governance model, reinforcing our OneNAFA initiative and enhancing the member experience across all regions.

Strategic Plan Updates: Elevating Our Vision
Our strategic plan, revisited for the first time since 2020, marks a pivotal shift in our vision. From focusing on highly educated fleet and mobility professionals, we now see these professionals as essential figures in a world that increasingly values their expertise. This change reflects our commitment to advocacy, networking, and embracing emerging technologies and sustainability issues.

NAFA’s new vision: A world in which fleet & mobility professionals are valued as essential.

The future we envision: NAFA will be widely recognized and valued for its world-class certification, education, advocacy, and connections. The organization will be diverse and inclusive, with a culture that celebrates differences and provides opportunities for all. NAFA will be member-focused, provide relevant and valuable educational programs, and elevate the fleet management profession’s visibility and perceived value.

Strategic Plan Highlights:

Thought Leadership:

Establishing NAFA as the industry thought leader, amplifying our collective success through quality content and collaboration.

Member Value and Engagement:

Enhancing member access to insights, top-notch content, and networking opportunities, emphasizing the diversity of voices across our community.

Advocacy Efforts:

Strengthening advocacy at local and state levels, engaging members in these vital efforts, and keeping the community well-informed.

Proposed Bylaws Changes: Embracing Inclusivity

In alignment with our strategic direction, we proposed changes to our bylaws that simplify our membership structure to two categories: NAFA Member and Honorary NAFA Member. These changes were driven by the voices of members, and have officially passed. This marks a pivotal moment in our organization’s journey towards greater inclusivity and empowerment, making it easier for every member to participate and engage within NAFA. Every member, regardless of their position, now has the opportunity to serve in leadership capacities within NAFA. We believe this is essential in ensuring that everyone in the fleet industry has a seat at the table and a voice in shaping our collective future. These changes will begin to roll out in the coming months.



  • How Will the Strategic Plan Affect Me? Expect enhanced advocacy, thought leadership, and member engagement.
  • How Will the Bylaw Changes Impact Me? The strategic plan and bylaw changes are designed to align with the needs of our evolving industry. They ensure that NAFA remains a dynamic, inclusive community where every member’s contribution is valued and where leadership opportunities are accessible to all.

Engage with Us

As we step into 2024, we’re excited about what we can achieve together as OneNAFA. Your feedback, questions, and active participation are crucial as we embark on this transformative journey.

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