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Fuels Institute Partnership

NAFA is currently in a discovery phase for the development of a partnership with the Fuels Institute to review the Fleet industry interest and needs for ESG Reporting.

The Fuels Institute has developed an online application and guidance to assist the fuels and transportation industries with meeting the currently voluntary ESG demands. The Institute leadership has indicated that ESG reporting will likely become regulated and already creates opportunities for accessing capital. “It is imperative that we stay involved and ahead of the curve.” Fuels Institute staff have dedicated the last 18 months to a discovery and development phase which resulted in multiple indicators and metrics to be included in this program. The online program has been established under a new entity, ESG Integrity, LLC, to protect the non-profit status of the Fuels Institute.

This application is designed to maximize transparency and third-party oversight under the current voluntary conditions and will adapt to future regulatory demands as they arise. All emissions modeling is completed using the Argonne National Labs open-sourced GREET model (most recent versions and updated annually) and overseen by a third-party engineer not directly or indirectly employed by ESG Integrity.

The Phase 1 development is focused on downstream fuel marketing and retailing industries. This application is designed for any size organization.

However, as fleets are already playing a large role in decarbonizing transportation fuels, NAFA is discussing a relationship between ESG Integrity and NAFA to venture into a discovery portion of our Phase 2 development.

NAFA is looking to convene a small task force of members to discuss ESG demands and review the possibility to include fleet in the phase 2 development. If you would like to be part of this task force, please fill out the below application before December 13.

Fuel Institute Task Force Interest Form