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Workforce Optimization Seminar Series

Future-Proof Your People Strategy

November 7-16, 2022 | Online Seminar Series

Fleet management trends change rapidly. As you adapt to handle all sorts of unexpected scenarios better — and plan for the unexpected — trends and strategies related to human resources, such as labor shortages and talent retention, top the list of what’s keeping us up at night. This series focuses on the strategies that foster employee success and can help you optimize your workforce through real-life examples and solutions

NAFA’s Seminar Series brings together fleet workforce experts to share their knowledge and discuss the latest fleet and mobility trends. Attend these live sessions from the comfort of your own office! These convenient sessions are designed to allow you the flexibility to select the content that best meets your needs. Register for the full Workforce Optimization series or choose one or more individual sessions à la carte. Have a conflict? Not a problem! You’ll get access to recorded sessions, reference materials, and the ability to network with other learners for up to 30 days following the sessions.

Through this course, attendees will learn to:

  • Analyze and adapt their current recruitment, retention, and engagement practices.
  • Implement strategies that promote workforce satisfaction, diversity, and longevity.
  • Overcome common modern workforce roadblocks that get in the way of fleet operations.
  • Anticipate approaching trends of the job market that may impact their team.
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Seminar Schedule*

All sessions will take place Noon – 1:15 p.m. ET

  • November 7: Emerging Roles and Next Generation Talent

As the job market is experiencing monumental changes, issues like costs pressures, legislative developments, technological innovations, workforce mobility, and environmental sustainability mandates are reshaping the role of fleet managers. This session focuses on how employers and employees alike can rise to meet the new challenges–and opportunities–of the fleet and mobility job market.
Faculty: Christopher Appleton, Manager of Learning Design & Data Engineering, Amazon

  • November 9: Modernizing Employee Engagement and Retention

Finding talent is hard to begin with, and one of the most challenging trends in the U.S. job market is turnover. With the “great resignation” and “quiet quitting” frequently making news headlines, it is apparent that the relationship team members have with their work is changing. This session explores the best practices by employers who are rising to meet these new dynamics and expectations head-on in a bid to engage their people, retain top talent, and inspire peak performance.
Faculty: Herbert Pruitt, PMP, VP of Transportation Services, BJ’s Wholesale

  • November 14: Overcoming Labor Shortages

Worker shortages have affected the fleet industry since long before pandemic -fueled realities made already- high demand surge to new heights. In this session we’ll separate myths from realities, examine strategies to avoid preventable loss of talent, and discover the latest methods for cultivating a sustainable and employee-centric team of technicians, drivers, managers and more!
Faculty: Aaron Alvarado, Area Fleet Director- Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, Alaska Waste Management

  • November 16: Prioritizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Studies show quite clearly that prospective employees increasingly examine a company’s values, commitment to social justice issues, and ability to equitably prioritize opportunities and rewards. Companies who prioritize diverse, equitable, and inclusive teams at all levels can elevate their talent pool and their employee satisfaction rates. This session focuses on how to source talent and suppliers in a manner that reflects your commitment to DEI within your workforce, and reflects the communities in which we work and whom we serve without bias.
Faculty: Candice Nash, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Diversity + Inclusion Leader, Toyota North America

*Schedule subject to change