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Best of I&E 2023

The Best of I&E webinars will consist of six online sessions, each of which was one of the top attended and top rated sessions from the live NAFA Institute & Expo (I&E) in Baltimore in April 2023. The expanded 90-minute time slots will allow presenters the time for an expanded discussion lending to a deeper dive into these hot topics.

Participants also will have access to the exhibitor directory and Innovations Showcase giving participants access to the suppliers who exhibited at the live event. The Best of I&E is designed to augment the experience for those who traveled to Baltimore and to offer a taste of the show to those who were not able to attend.

Discounted NAFA Member Price: $99  |  Nonmember Price: $149 

There’s still time to register! Registration includes live access, and post-event recordings, for full series of six webinars.

Schedule at a Glance

All sessions are held on Thursdays at 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. Eastern.

  • May 25: The Future is Electric!
  • June 1: Building the Fleet Dream Team: Improve Communication and Increase Success
  • June 15: Becoming a Change Hero: How to Build Your Case
  • June 29: True Budget Impact in Challenging Times
  • July 13: Proven Strategies for Tackling the Growing Shortage of Qualified Technicians
  • July 27: Maximizing Collision Recovery: The Secret Recipe

Session Descriptions and Speakers

May 25: The Future is Electric!

As with many complex initiatives, successful electrification of the fleet industry includes collaboration among an important cast of characters who all have skin in the game: the Goal Setters, the Cost Optimizers, the Policy Makers, the Relationships Keepers, the Key Holders, and the Outside Insiders. This team of stakeholders bring great ideas but can also come with what seem like impossible expectations and competing priorities. While these stakeholders may give fleet managers some headaches, understanding their motivations can turn them into valuable partners who can help you set and reach your EV goals.

This panel discussion will tackle the role of each group in your electrification journey, goal-setting and tracking progress, understanding the scope of what it will take to reach your goals, and the importance of engaging and updating these stakeholders — including tactics you can use today and examples of those who have already had success.


       Maria Neve, Vice President Sustainability & Electrification, Wheels


       Adam Seifert, CAFM, Fleet Consultant, McKinsey & Company

       Jessica Dooley, Sr. National Account Executive, Fleet Management, ChargePoint

      Linda Ellis, Global Procurement, Fleet Manager NA, UCB, Inc

       Ronald Wirth, Fleet Sustainability Manager, County of Sacramento Department of General Services

June 1: Building the Fleet Dream Team: Improve Communication and Increase Success

As a fleet professional, you have a lot of responsibilities: leading your teams, maintaining equipment, and managing a large budget. You may find yourself with not as much time for selling your needs to procurement and leadership teams. However, acquiring fleet equipment and parts can be challenging without a shared understanding of what is needed.

You put a lot of time and energy into your fleet operations to make it run smoothly. Purchasing puts a lot of time and energy into solicitations to be compliant and follow legal processes. Your goals may at times seem conflicting, yet, when leveraged effectively, you can effectively get the equipment you need when you need it.

Discover tools other fleet professionals use to drive effective collaboration for mutual success between your fleet team and procurement staff.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to communicate with your procurement team
  • Leverage tools to educate your procurement team
  • Takeaway next steps to buying smarter and more effectively


       Jon Henke, Client Relations Administrator, Sourcewell

       Mike Domin, Contract Administrator, Sourcewell

June 15: Becoming a Change Hero: How to Build Your Case

Do you have trouble getting stakeholders onboard with new programs? Whether you have plans to improve your safety programs, implement an in-vehicle cell phone ban, or transition to an EV fleet, building out an effective and convincing plan is essential for acceptance from all internal stakeholders. This session will cover creative change management tactics to gain acceptance and influence behavior — from upper management buy-in, to driver behavior and influencing corporate culture.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create a framework for success, including early assessments, impact analysis, and strategy.
  • Learn to communicate in a way that sells change to stakeholders.
  • Reinforce changes made to your process, including full use of surveys, compliance audits, corrective actions, and innovative paths to success such as gamification.


      Carlos Oropeza, Director of Marketing, Wheels


       Sara Sweeney, Sr. Product Manager, Wheels

       Jason Lipes, Assistant Vice President, Wheels

       Jackie D’Souza, Fleet Program Manager, Wilbur-Ellis


June 29: True Budget Impact in Challenging Times

The last three years may have felt like three decades to many fleet professionals. Health crises, chip shortages, production slowdowns, rising fuel costs, supply chain dysfunctions, hiring challenges, an accelerated move toward electrification, growing global inflation, and geopolitical upheavals have all combined to make budgeting and understanding the impact to fleet services, labor, and part prices more difficult. Prep for the future by learning about effective budget forecasting in turbulent times.

Learning Objectives:

  • Use labor and part price trends to strategically set budget forecasts for 2023 and 2024.
  • Determine the year-over-year impact to vehicle acquisition and disposal prices, labor rates, parts, and more.
  • Understand how you can use available data to forecast your budget.


      Carlos Oropeza, Director of Marketing, Wheels


        John Wuich, CAFM, Analytics, Wheels

       Richard Baich, Fleet Manager, Michael Baker International

       David Hayward, Sr. Manager – Global Fleet Management, ABM


July 13: Proven Strategies for Tackling the Growing Shortage of Qualified Technicians

As more seasoned technicians retire, the impact of technology like EVs and autonomous vehicles is outpacing the rate at which senior fleet professionals can recruit and retain qualified technicians. Senior fleet leaders will walk away with proven strategies they can put into action now to tackle the growing shortage of qualified technicians.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn Why Having a Pipeline of Qualified Techs Is More Important Now Than Ever.
  • Learn from a compilation of strategies and tactics how to design, gain support, and successfully implement an apprenticeship program.
  • Learn how fleet leaders are using these same best practices in their race towards zero emissions.


       Ingrid Cook Moravitz, CEO, SHzoom


       Al Curtis, CAFM, Fleet Services Director, Cobb County Fleet Management

       Jim Hineson, BCFP, Sustainability Coordinator, Port Authority of NY & NJ

       Makela Owens, Fleet Manager, City of Stockton

       Matthew Booco, CAFM, Chief Business Development Officer, SHzoom

July 27: Maximizing Collision Recovery: The Secret Recipe

Whether using a third-party administrator, insurance carrier, or in-house solution, you will gain a strong understanding of claims recovery, what you’re entitled to collect, and how to overcome common claim challenges.  Learn about industry secrets, red flags, and various options to maximize your reimbursements.  Millions of dollars are overlooked by fleet operators each year, so this is one session you can’t afford to miss.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the three types of collisions and your recovery options for each.
  • Gain an understanding of how to recover lost revenue for your downtime, diminished value, and other items typically not recovered.
  • Learn what you are legally entitled to recover and the steps to maximize this recovery.


       Brian Ludlow, Executive Vice President, Alternative Claims Management

       Robert Gordon, Deputy Director, Fleet Management, Dekalb County, Georgia