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EV Tools of the Trade Agenda

Transition Planning & Analysis for Electric Vehicle Fleet Adoption

August 10-19, 2022 | Online Seminar Series

August 10        Electric Vehicle Tools: DRVE (Dashboard for Rapid Vehicle Electrification)

Adopting any new technology can feel like too big a risk. This seminar will explore one of many tools that aid in planning and analysis for fleet electrification in ways that reduce that risk. The Dashboard for Rapid Vehicle Electrification, or DRVE, is a powerful tool from the Electrification Coalition that equips light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicle fleet leaders with decision-relevant insights on the financial viability and environmental impact.  We’ll see how to use the Microsoft Excel-based tool to evaluate a variety of procurement ownership structures, vehicle types and electric vehicle charging configurations compared to a conventional fleet.

  • Gain practical insight into the DRVE dashboard with sample data or your own
  • Maximize DRVE’s capabilities including regional electrical grid characteristics
  • Compare electric vehicle alternatives based on total cost and well-to-wheels emissions

Spencer Burget
Policy Analyst
Atlas Public Policy


August 12        Electric Vehicle Tools: AFDC (Alternative Fuels Data Center)

Why use a single tool when you can tap into a whole collection in one place? This seminar will focus on one of the many tools that are working to support the electrification of the automotive fleet industry. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center, or AFDC, is a helpful asset to any fleet and its management team. We’ll delve into the AFDC calculators, interactive maps, and data searches that drive critical insights like the availability of charging stations, strategies for conserving fuel and the latest information on the laws and incentives related to electrification. This session is all about how fleets can tap into the free resources that help minimize risk and maximize returns.

  • Understand how to navigate the comprehensive clearinghouse of information in AFDC
  • Discover practical ways of using the AFDC tool to facilitate fleet electrification
  • Reach energy and economic goals through the use of fuel alternatives

Abby Brown
Transportation Research Project Leader
National Renewable Energy Laboratory


August 15        Electric Vehicle Tools: AFLEET (Alternative Fuel Life-Cycle Environmental and Economic Transportation)

The go-to tool you need to advance electrification of your fleet is just a click away. This seminar will focus on one of the many tools that are working to support the electrification of the automotive fleet industry. Alternative Fuel Life-Cycle Environmental and Economic Transportation, or AFLEET, was developed by the DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory to give fleet managers the ability to estimate and compare petroleum use, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollutant emissions, and cost of ownership for conventional and alternative fuel vehicles. We’ll explore how to use AFLEET to stay within the everchanging emission regulations and reduce operational costs. Based on the AFLEET Tool, we’ll also tee up big wins when using the Heavy-Duty Vehicle Emissions Calculator, or HDVEC, as an online calculator to aid fleet managers and decision makers

  • Determine your current level of fleet efficiency and environmental impact
  • Consider allocation of funding for environmental mitigation projects
  • Use AFLEET and HDVEC capabilities to assess the ROI of electrification investments

Andy Burnham
Principal Environmental Scientist
Argonne National Laboratory



Tyler Herrmann
Louisiana Clean Fuels


August 17        Electric Vehicle Tools: SPARK (State Plug-In Adoption Resource Kit)

SPARK, the State Plug-In Adoption Resource Kit from the Electrification Coalition with support from the U.S. Climate Alliance, is an online database of resources that offers a searchable inventory of fleet transition goals, policy guidance, case studies, legislation, technical support documents, and tools. Focused on practical application, we’ll explore how states, cities, transit agencies, private-sector partners, and other stakeholders use SPARK to reduce the friction of fleet electrification.

  • Understand the applications from planning to deployment with SPARK’s step-by-step guide
  • Take advantage of federal funding opportunities for electrification
  • Conduct cost and emissions analysis of various pathways to EV adoption

Matt Stephens-Rich
Senior Program Manager
Electrification Coalition

August 19        Electric Vehicle Tools: SHOWCASE (Supplier Solutions)

If you’re thinking about fleet electrification, and wondering which path forward is best for you, look no further. This showcase features some of the fleet and mobility industry’s leading experts and solutions providers who present their company’s most useful tools that aid in adoption of EVs. Watch their demos, ask your questions, and get the answers you need most urgently. The back-to-back demonstrations of EV tools will be followed by engaging Q&As will help solidify your understanding of the services and their applications.

Schedule is subject to change