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Develop a Culture of Safety Online Seminar Series

March 1, 8, 15, and 22, 2022

As safety expert Eleanor Everet said, “safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.” Indeed, it is a state of mind and an organizational culture that is critical to every mobility fleet. Even before the pandemic, there was no shortage of reasons to review, update and implement all aspects of a comprehensive driver safety program for your company. Today, bad driving habits are becoming more common, causing an increase in the number of traffic fatalities. NHTSA data indicates we saw more fatal motor vehicle crashes in 2021 than we’ve seen in over a decade, and the trend hasn’t slowed. The loss of life is staggering, and the need for effective fleet safety programs that ensure a safe work environment for employees throughout the industry could not be more urgent.

For fleet, safety, and risk managers, this four-part seminar series unpacks the most critical aspects of fleet safety programs within the broader context of developing a culture of safety. Participants will uncover:

  • best practices for recruitment and retention of drivers
  • ways to improve safety by focusing on driver health and wellness
  • how to quantify the business case for a safety program
  • example policies and procedures for driver accountability
  • and more!

Over the course of four 60-minute online sessions, hear from leading fleet and safety professionals as they provide critical insights about formal fleet safety plans that improve safety, increase satisfaction, reduce risk, and drive fleet efficiency. This seminar series is geared towards fleet professionals with prior knowledge of safety programs and policies. Fleet managers of any size fleet will learn concrete methods that can begin to be used immediately.


The price for the series is $99. As a member benefit, NAFA members receive a discounted member rate of $49.

Member Rate: $49 for all four sessions

Non-Member Rate: $99 for all four sessions


Online Sessions

March 1, 2022
1:00–2:00 p.m. EST

Develop a Culture of Safety: Driver Recruitment, Examination, and Engagement

You may not work in HR but hiring responsible drivers should be everyone’s concern. Analyzing the best traits in top drivers will allow you to compare current and future hires while simultaneously improving business performance when training lower performers how to grow. In this kick-off session, understand the fleet and safety manager’s role in recruiting and onboarding the asset operators of the company.

  • Examine the impact of economic and environmental factors on driver selection and safety
  • Analyze driver behavior for pre-hire screening and employee monitoring
  • Apply best practices for onboarding new drivers

Instructor: Susan Miller, Senior Program Manager, Geotab (

March 8, 2022
1:00–2:00 p.m. EST

Develop a Culture of Safety: Leader Endorsed & Driver Adopted Policies

Policies alone will not prevent damaged assets or poor behavior, but they are a great set of guardrails to protect the most important asset—your people. Hear from key leaders who have created policies with measurable outcomes for their companies to increase accountability and adoption. Learn how your organization may be vulnerable and what role you can play in reducing risks through sound policy implementation.

  • Interpret organizational safety needs
  • Select delivery methods for high adoption
  • Construct safety policies to support cross-divisional goals

Instructor: John Davis, Owner & CEO, Transport Safely (

March 15, 2022
1:00–2:00 p.m. EDT

Develop a Culture of Safety: Best Money Spent in Driver Health and Wellness

How your employees feel or conduct themselves off the clock is not within your control, but how it may affect their time on the clock is certainly worth your time. Let’s get real and talk about what is happening that may be contributing to the rise in automotive fatalities and the ways to mitigate accidents by focusing on the whole person, because your driver's health and wellness may make all the difference in the world.

  • Locate and operate health and wellness offerings
  • Select delivery methods that resonate with end users
  • Design collaborative efforts to reinforce positive behaviors

Instructor: Stephen Dunn, Founder & CEO, PURIFYD®SYSTEMS (

March 22, 2022
1:00–2:00 p.m. EDT

Develop a Culture of Safety: Quantifying the Importance of Driver Safety

Data driven business decisions are the norm and growth is the goal. Safety programs often seem sentimental and qualitative in nature but can have a real impact on improving the bottom line. In this session, explore the metrics of safety programs and how to make strategic and financial arguments for a program.

  • Examine the true value of damaged assets, crashes, and the litigation they incite
  • Identify risks to the brand as a result of unsafe behaviors and the tragedies they cause
  • Demonstrate the importance of safety through data

Instructor: Phil Moser, Vice President Customer Development, Driving Dynamics Inc. (

Meet Your Expert Faculty

John Davis, Owner & CEO, Transport Safely

After working in the insurance and risk management industry for over 25 years, John decided to start Transport Safely. He realized that there was an opportunity to help insurance companies and insurance agents achieve better outcomes for their transportation clients. His goal was simple: Improve CSA SMS BASIC scores for motor carriers in an effort to achieve lower insurance premiums for them.

Stephen Dunn, Founder & CEO, PURIFYD®SYSTEMS

A serial entrepreneur since 1995 in the high tech and real estate development, Steve Dunn has been founder and CEO of PURIFYD®SYSTEMS since 2014. Steve is a health protection specialist who brings 30 years of innovation and entrepreneurial expertise to the company. Together with his business partner, Mark Foster, they work to ensure the environments in which we live, work, and travel stay healthy and safe.

Sue Miller, Senior Program Manager, Geotab

Susan Miller is a fleet industry veteran with a record of achievement and expertise in fleet program management and vendor relationships. A leader with proven success in identifying and implementing strategic fleet solutions that generated significant cost savings at the local, national and global levels as well as improved business practices. Prior to joining Geotab as a Sr. Program Manager on their Customer Experience team, Susan was Director of Fleet Services with McDonald’s Corporation as well as managed fleets for Keebler Corp, A.B. Dick Company and ServiceMaster. Susan is a Fleet Hall of Fame Inductee, Fleet Manager of the Year recipient, co-founding member of Women in Fleet, past President of AFLA and longtime member of both AFLA and NAFA.

Phil Moser, Vice President Customer Development, Driving Dynamics Inc.

Phil Moser is a former police officer trained in the field of motor vehicle crash reconstruction. Certified in the courts as an expert in the field of crash investigations, Moser has investigated thousand of collisions and has completed numerous training programs including Advanced Motor Vehicle Crash Investigation, Accident Reconstruction, Forensic Motor Vehicle Crash Reconstruction, Homicide by Motor Vehicle Prosecution and DWI Enforcement. Moser has worked in the field of driver safety for decades and has assisted numerous Fortune 500 companies with developing and successfully implementing robust driver safety initiatives. Moser speaks regularly on the topic of driver safety at various industry shows including RIMS, ASSP, NAFA and NETS.



Special thanks to these safety thought leaders for generously contributing time and expertise for the development of this series:
  • Bob Mossing, STERIS Corporation
  • Phil Moser, Driving Dynamics, Inc.
  • Corey Woinarowicz, Nocell Technologies