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Call for Local Networking Group Planning Board Volunteers

With the regional council leaders selected and in full swing, NAFA is seeking volunteers to serve on the local networking group planning boards to determine the best ways to reach fleet professionals locally.

NAFA members in all areas of the fleet industry, across all experience levels – regardless of how long you have held NAFA membership – are welcome to volunteer. If there isn’t already a local networking group in your area, we will work to create one! These local networking group planning boards will work with dedicated NAFA staff members to create events in 2024, with the goal of one event each quarter.

We know you lead busy lives – and we’re here to assure you that the planning boards aren’t meant to take too much of your time.

  • NAFA staff will handle the majority of the event process – from signing venue contracts, coordinating food and beverages, creating and collecting registration fees, and marketing.
  • The goal for board members is to divide and conquer – with one or two people helping to plan one local event during 2024. Event planning discussions will include timing, potential locations, and topics that you feel are most beneficial to your work in the fleet industry.
  • Group meetings will be held on as an needed basis.

If you are interested in joining a Local Networking Group Planning Board and assisting NAFA in creating unforgettable 2024 local events, please fill out the form below.

Regional Volunteer Interest Form
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