The Sustainable Fleet Webinar Series is designed to educate fleet managers on how to create a sustainable fleet program. This course is designed to educate fleet professionals in proven methods to develop sustainable fleet initiatives, providing the tools and skills that help them succeed in their sustainability goals.

The Sustainable Fleet Webinar Series is also available as a bundled set! NAFA members can now get all six presentations for the special price of $199. That’s a 20% savings! Non-members can also save with the special bundle price of $229. To  register for the bundle, simply sign up for any one of the webinars and select the bundle option during registration.

Available Fleet Management Webinars

This course will teach you how to Build a Sustainable Fleet Program, Sustainable Driver Training, Sustainable Fleet Metrics, Sustainable Leadership and Change Management, Using and Tracking Fuel to Support Sustainability, and Acquiring a Sustainable Fleet.

1. Sustainable Fleet Webinar Series Bundle - 6 webinars

NAFA’s Sustainable Fleet Webinar Series consists of six one-hour presentations designed to educate fleet professionals on how to create a sustainable fleet program.

2. How to Build a Sustainable Fleet Program

This webinar teaches the evolution and current definition of fleet sustainability. Attendees will learn the essential elements of a sustainable fleet plan and how to actually create such a plan. Examples and case studies of fleets that have achieved this will be provided.

3. Sustainable Driver Training

In this session, experienced instructors will present the ingredients for a successful sustainable driver training program. The right mix of policy guidance, technology, attitude and management commitment are the keys to success.

4. Sustainable Fleet Metrics

In terms of sustainability, what is effective is not necessarily efficient and vice versa so we all need to learn to calculate trade-offs. This session will help fleet professionals determine and understand the key metrics in fleet sustainability.

5. Acquiring a Sustainable Fleet

Many industry professionals struggle with the concept of “Strategic Mobility,” especially when it comes to convincing employees that all their mobility needs do not have to be met by ownership of a fleet vehicle. This session will introduce alternatives to fleet ownership and show those options that should be procured.

6. Using and Tracking Fuel to Support Sustainability

Improved sustainability is about more than fuel selection. This session will describe the properties, advantages and disadvantages of various fuel types but also examine fuel systems and emissions.

7. Sustainable Leadership and Change Management

Learn from experts what it takes to implement the sustainable changes in your organization that were discussed throughout the Sustainable Fleet Webinar Series. Case studies and real-world examples make this session a practical recipe for formulating a change management plan.