Official Standard

Official Standard

NAFA defines a sustainable fleet as one that manages and reduces net environmental impacts from fleet operations at or ahead of pace required for environmental need by demonstrating that the fleet is:

  • Improving air quality through emission reduction;
  • Increasing fuel efficiency; and
  • Reducing fuel usage.

The NAFA Sustainable Fleet Accreditation Program provides a level playing field by setting standards for all fleets, regardless of their industry, size, location or composition. Every enrolled fleet is assessed on its own unique progress and real actions.

NAFA and CALSTART provide the methodology and tools to help fleet managers measure efficiency, fuel reduction and emission reduction, while also being able to track improvements over time. The program serves as a guide to help set a course for continual improvement. For fleets that are just getting started on their sustainability efforts, the program offers easy entry. For fleets with robust sustainability efforts, the program is sophisticated enough to recognize them for their efforts.

The current fee structure for a two-year enrollment is as follows:

Fleets with fewer than 500 vehicle Fleets Member $1,500; Non-member $2,500
Fleets with 501 – 1,500 vehicles Member $3,000; Non-member $5,000
Fleets with more than 1,500 vehicles Member $5,000; Non-member $7,000