Test Registration

Test Registration

 Registering for a certification exam is a simple process. Scheduling a specific time is not necessary.

New Testing Fees

 Current examination and retest fees for the Cam/CAFS examination are as follows:
  •  NAFA Member: $50.00 (per module)
  • NAFA Non-Member: $100.00 (per module)
*If your organization has a pre-existing pricing agreement, contact certification@nafa.org.
*There is no longer a sitting fee
*For more information on Member Benefits and savings, click here.

Before you can Test

If you have not yet enrolled in the CAFM or CAFS program, please do this at least 2-3 business days before you wish to register for an exam. If you are enrolled in the CAFS program, you MUST respond to NAFA's email with your four selected disciplines before we can give you access to exams or materials. If you did not receive the email, contact certification@nafa.org.



Register to Test

Start by LOGGING IN on the NAFA website at the top right of this page. Once you are logged in, click the "Register for Exam" button below, which will take you to the Oasis testing platform and log you into your account automatically. You will see a list of exams. Click to purchase the exam and you will then be provided access to that exam. 


Register for exam


What to Expect When Testing

When you are ready to start the exam, click the Start Exam button, and then review the Proctoring Acknowledgment.

The following outlines the actions to take once in the testing platform. More details on these steps along with what to expect when taking the exam can be found by clicking the button below for a detailed walkthrough of the new testing platform with screenshots.
  1. Browser Compatibility Check - Your computer will be checked automatically to ensure all technical requirements have been met
  2. Click the CHECK button next to Webcam Permission and be sure to click ALLOW to enable the proctor access to your webcam and microphone. If you have a webcam that is not built-in to your monitor, place it directly in front of you so that you are facing the webcam directly while testing.
  3. Then click the CHECK button next to Webcam Brightness
  4. You will be prompted take a photo and show your ID
  5. Then enable screen sharing. You will see a popup window where you can select to show your entire screen. Choose your entire screen and click Share
  6. You can then begin your exam.