Computer-Based Testing (CBT)

Preparing to Test

To benefit our certification candidates, NAFA has adopted a new platform, OasisLMS, to allow candidates to test virtually anytime and anyplace. Prior to testing, you will need to ensure your computer meets the testing platform requirements, select an ideal testing location, and understand how your environment may affect the Artificial Intelligence (AI) proctoring.



In order to test using the OasisLMS platform you must have access to a computer with internet access, a working webcam, and a microphone. This can be your employer’s computer or your personal computer.  If you don’t have access to a computer, there are libraries or testing centers that can provide you access to one. Browsers supported by this platform are Chrome Firefox ONLY, and you will need to ensure the browser is installed before starting your exam.
Once you begin, the system will alert you if your webcam doesn’t work, if your browser is not compatible, or if you do not have adequate lighting. If your computer does not meet the requirements you will not be able to continue the exam. A link to verify if your computer meets the testing requirements prior to taking the exam is coming soon.


Testing Environment

Here are guidelines to follow when selecting your ideal testing location:
  • Choose a private, well-lit space (note that no one can enter during the exam)
  • Mute all phones and remote devices
  • Have only one monitor or device available to take the exam
Also, ensure you have your government-issued photo ID available. You will be asked to show it.
To emphasize the importance of your testing location, NAFA would like to be clear that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) proctoring closely observes your movements while you are taking your exam. The entire process is monitored. The following actions will result in the exam being nullified:
  • Did not show photo ID
  • Photo ID does NOT match candidate’s name
  • Photo is not displayed throughout the testing process
  • Stood up, walked around, walked out of room
  • Another person enters the room
  • Clearly talks with someone
  • Opens a browser or other program
  • Answers a phone call
  • Accessed the phone
  • Food and/or drinks in the testing area
To avoid your exam being nullified, be aware that during the AI proctoring, any movements or actions out of the ordinary may be flagged for review.
Here are some examples of what to do and to avoid while testing:
  • Test in a location where you will not have distractions, including the possibility of other people or even pets disturbing you
  • The AI is built to see you straight-on (NOT from an angle), looking into the screen with the exam. If your webcam is not built in to the top of the monitor you are using, set up your webcam to be at that height and angle. Do not use a computer with more than one monitor.
  • Turn off your phone and put it away
  • Do not open other browsers or software programs, or have other browsers or programs open during the exam
  • Concentrate on the exam and do not look around the room
  • Do not stand up or walk around
  • Do not have food or drinks in the testing location
  • Do not talk to other people
  •  If you need to take a break, do so before you start the exam.

 Please refer any questions to