Recertification Guidelines


CAFM®/CAFS® graduates are required to earn a set number of recertification points, as well as pay a renewal fee of $150, every 5 years to maintain their designation. The requirements for CAFM® Recertification are 80 points while CAFS® Recertification requires 50 points. You can find information on approved recertification items and points allocation in the Recertification Guidelines.

Online Recertification Tool

Recertification Guidelines

Graduates are notified via email of the recertification requirements beginning 2 years prior to due date. We encourage graduates to make sure your member record is updated to include current email. While early submissions are appreciated, they will not be processed until the three-month window before recertification is due.

Individuals who do not acquire sufficient points for recertification by due date will be notified via email of suspension of CAFM®/CAFS® designation. Individuals who lapse 6 months past their recertification date, without applying for, and receiving, formal extension must resubmit to the certification process to regain CAFM®/CAFS® status. Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on an individual basis.

The Certification Board suggests that graduates keep a designated Recertification file to collect and document all professional education and community activities. You may also want to review your file and accumulated points annually to assess remaining points needed to successfully meet your Recertification requirements. It is recommended to use a Recertification Tracking Sheet to track any points accumulated prior to entering them into the online recertification tool.



Upon reaching age sixty (60) or upon formal retirement, a CAFM®/CAFS® is eligible to be considered for a Lifetime Certification. Learn more about Lifetime Certification.