NEW Recertification Tool 2020

NAFA's Updated Recertification Process

NAFA CAFM®  and NAFA  CAFS® Certificants will now use NAFA's Learning Management System (LMS) to easily record and keep track of their recertification points and submission deadlines.

 NAFA CAFM®  and NAFA  CAFS® Certificants should follow the below steps to review/update their points and review submission deadlines:


  • To get started, simply click on the button below to login to the NAFA LMS with the email address and password you used to create your NAFA account.
  • Then click the "My Courses" icon on the leftmost sidebar.
  • You will see that you already have access to a CAFM or CAFS Recertification (Effective Year-Due Year) course.
  • Please login and review your points to ensure accuracy, and let us know if you have any questions/issues with the Google form linked at the bottom of the page.


ENTER OASIS to review my record


If you have not yet reviewed and corrected your recertification points in NAFA's Oasis LMS to the best of your ability, please do so now.

NAFA will need the most complete set of information you have to review and assist you with your request.

If your recertification is past due, but you want to recertify, please submit your completed recertification for approval in Oasis.

NAFA will review any lapses upon your submission.


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