Fleet Certifications & NAFA Membership

Save on the Cost of Certification and Exams with a NAFA Membership

Combining certification and NAFA membership offer the best ROI, providing fleet professionals with the opportunity to work smarter, not harder. Together, membership and certification will improve performance, mitigate risk and advance your professional development. By adding NAFA Membership when you enroll in the CAFM certification program (a combined value of $1,199), you will save $101 on certification and at least $55 each time you test, while quickly adding to your organization's bottom-line when you make your department's processes more efficient and implement cost-saving operational advancements.

The savings doesn’t stop there, you will also save on bootcamps, seminars, guides, events, other educational products, and receive free webinars.

Here's How It Works

Step 1: Choose from four certification and membership program packages

Join your peers who have learned best practices from our industry-reknowned certification programs for over 35 years. Developed by veteran experts in the field and available entirely online and on-demand, these programs give you the maximum value for your career for the minimum disruption in your day-to-day.

Step 2: Leverage your membership to implement what you've learned

NAFA members have 24/7 access to the tools and support they need to succeed at work. Not only that, but certified members are entitled to 4 recertification points for each year of membership - quarter of the recertification requirement (50 points for CAFS and 80 points for CAFM) - and discounts to education opportunities, like NAFA's Institute & Expo and the Essentials of Fleet Management Seminars (EFMS). Membership makes it easier to maintain your certification for years to come.
Purchasing a CAFM or CAFS with membership will save you $101 Now and $55 every time you test.