Sustainable Course Description

Sustainable Course Description


Session 1 Building the Foundation for a Sustainable Fleet

This session sets the stage for this exciting program. After defining sustainability in a fleet context, it provides a practical guide to improve the sustainability of your fleet operations.  Topics covered include:

  • Writing a Sustainable Fleet Plan

  • Developing policies and procedures

  • Hearing about examples of sustainable fleet initiatives


Session 2 – Sustainable Driver Training

In this session, experienced instructors will present the ingredients for a successful sustainable driver training program.  The right mix of policy guidance, technology, attitude and management commitment are the keys to success.  Topics covered include:

  • Establishing mandatory training

  • Experimenting with eco-driving

  • Using telematics in promoting sustainable driving

  • Appraising and recognizing driver performance


Session 3 – Using and Tracking Fuel Use to Support Sustainability

Improved sustainability is about more than fuel selection. This session will describe the properties, advantages and disadvantages of various fuel types but also examine fuel systems and emissions.  Topics covered include:

  • Studying conventional and alternative fuel properties

  • Tracking fuel usage

  • Making the case for alternative fuels

  • Reducing idling


Session 4Acquiring a Sustainable Fleet

Many industry professional struggle with the concept of “Strategic Mobility”, especially when it comes to convincing employees that all their mobility needs do not have to be met by ownership of a fleet vehicle.  This session will introduce alternatives to fleet ownership. Topics covered will include:

  • Selecting the appropriate vehicle

  • Analyzing lifecycle costs

  • Examining which mobility options are working in the industry


Session 5Sustainable Fleet Metrics

In terms of sustainability, what is effective is not necessarily efficient and vice versa so we all need to learn to calculate trade-offs.  This session will help fleet professionals determine and understand the key metrics in fleet sustainability.  Topics covered will include:

  • Defining sustainable metrics

  • Calculating Greenhouse Gas emissions

  • Benchmarking with internal and external partners


Session 6 Sustainable Leadership and Change Management

Learn from an expert in change management what it takes to introduce the sustainable changes discussed throughout the course. Case Studies and real-world examples make this session a practical recipe for formulating a change management plan. Topics covered include

  • Achieving sustainability with the right tools

  • Adopting the right strategies

  • Seeking leadership support to foster change

  • Designing solutions that will work