Risk Management Updates March 2020

Risk Management

CAFM and CAFS Candidates:

We have released a new Risk Management module with content to empower Fleet Managers in this new decade. We offer modified chapters on the fundamentals of risk, crash management and fleet and driver safety-and have added a whole new chapter on Fleet Safety Policies to bring added value to the program. If you have not yet studied for your Risk Management exam, you might want to consider starting with this new version.

The new materials, along with the existing, are available in your “My Profile” page under “My Digital Library and Certification.”  Once you log into NAFA.org this page is found clicking on your name.


Mobility Addendum

In addition, NAFA will be releasing a Mobility Addendum to each of the CAFM certification modules. The Risk Management Mobility Addendum is available now, located along with your CAFM/CAFS materials under “My Digital Library and Certification.” Note that this information is supplemental. You will NOT be tested on this content.