Certification Program Choices

Certification Program Choices

NAFA offers a variety of Certification & Certificate programs to provide the best in class education offerings for the fleet industry. 

The information below will help you make the decision on which program is right for you. 


CAFM is developed for:
  • Fleet professionals who need exposure to all aspects of fleet management. 
  • Individuals who would like to advance in their current position.
  • Fleet professionals looking for additional skills to gain an edge for a new job opportunity. 
CAFS is developed for:

  • A junior fleet position such as a shop foreman or fleet analyst.
  • Fleet professionals who do not have the time or money to commit to the entire program.
  • Individuals who only need to learn about four specific fleet disciplines.
Fleet Discipline Certificates are developed for:

  • Fleet professionals who only work in one or two specific areas of fleet.
  • Individuals who want to try a module before committing to a CAFM or CAFS certification program.

If you have any additional questions about NAFA’s certification and certificate programs, contact certification@nafa.org.