Professional Development

In light of emerging technology, changing legal issues, and increased responsibilities, fleet specialists and managers, like most professionals, need to continually educate themselves.

A commitment to personal improvement in the areas of leadership, ethical behavior, and all aspects of organizational effectiveness, is a must.


Individuals in Organizations

Within an organization individuals need to be properly selected, trained, and motivated in order to add strength.

Fleet managers and specialists need to understand the types of employees, generational influences, and workplace issues such as harassment, health, and diversity in order to properly motivate and monitor employees.



Leadership is the discipline of influencing and directing the performance of employees toward the achievement of organizational goals.

Personal development is the concept of self-improvement through setting and achieving goals and career planning.


Business Communications

Business communications is not only the concept of properly using writing techniques and tools to communicate and disseminate information effectively through the written word, but also includes other verbal and non-verbal methods of communication as well.


Organization Processes

Leaders must be adept at making decisions, negotiating, and managing change.

They must also have good administration skills in the conduct of meetings and staffing decisions.



Ethics involves the study of values and customs and covers concepts such as right and wrong, good and evil, and responsibility.

Ethical decision-making assists managers in making decisions that are “right” and “good.”

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