Maintenance Management

Vehicle maintenance directly impacts productivity, driver satisfaction, corporate image, safety, environmental compliance, and the financial bottom line.

This discipline’s competencies will enhance understanding of, and ability to communicate, essential maintenance principals to in-house or outsourced maintenance personnel, drivers, and management.


Vehicle Maintenance

Maintenance management impacts all aspects of fleet management. Its decisions have the potential to affect not only the financial and safe operation of a fleet, but also the end user’s productivity.

The Fleet Manager must have a clear understanding of this competency to make informed decisions and recommendations.


Shop Operations

Operating an efficient and effective maintenance facility does not happen by chance.

The Fleet Manager must be able to establish policies and procedures that ensure vehicle safety while minimizing effective downtime and employing advantageous outsourcing opportunities.


Environmental Issues

Environmental regulations touch all fleet and fleet maintenance operations. Environmental regulation requirements ensure not only a clean and healthy environment, but also employee safety.

It is the Fleet Manager’s responsibility to know and adhere to these ever-changing regulations.


Inventory Management

A fleet maintenance operation must have professionally managed parts support to operate at peak efficiency. Inventory management is a critical contributing factor to the success of a maintenance facility.


Performance Monitoring

Monitoring staff performance is a key function to maintain productivity and efficient maintenance operations. Performance monitoring involves proper identification of key performance indicators, data collection, comparison, and analysis to determine performance status and standards.



Some aspects of outsourced maintenance activities occur in most fleet maintenance operations.

The decision to outsource activities depends on numerous factors, but ultimately is determined by what is most effective and efficient.


Maintenance Staffing

Optimizing shop operations includes right-sizing staff levels as well as ensuring their safety, proper training to meet the demands of evolving technology, and appropriate compensation.

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