Business Management

All fleet managers must be knowledgeable business managers.

Dealing with leasing companies, automobile dealers, supply or service contractors, insurance companies, and others requires knowledge of an organization’s rights, boundaries, and responsibilities.

Without such knowledge, severe consequences can result.

As a cornerstone of overall fleet management, this discipline’s competencies cover an array of practical and commonly encountered topics.


Law for Fleet Professionals

Regulations and legislation govern the fleet manager’s relationships within the organization as well as relationships with external parties.


Fleet Policies and Procedures

Fleet policies and procedures are the written documentation of executive level management decisions that employees are required to follow in conducting the business of the organization and usage of its fleet vehicles.


Request for Proposals

A request for proposal is the instrument used to solicit proposals and/or offers for proposed contracts using the negotiated procurement method to obtain goods and services.


Emergency Operations

Emergency preparedness is the discipline, which ensures the fleet operation’s readiness to respond to an emergency in a coordinated, timely, and effective manner.


Strategic Partnering

Strategic Partnering is the term that defines the relationship between the Fleet Manager and external partners or vendors.

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