Study Guide For Certification Exam

Time Management

You are considering enrolling in the CAFM/CAFS.  Your first major decision should be made even before you enroll.  You need to consider when is the best time to dedicate 3-36 or 3-24 months (depending on your background and approach) to this important professional endeavor.  Remember that there is never a perfect time, but you need to ensure that you are available at scheduled exam times over the period that you plan to take the program.
Having selected an enrolment period, it is important to know, from the start, how long you plan to spend completing the program.  Candidates can take up to 36 months for CAFM program or 24 months for CAFS program, but many choose to complete the program in less that.   
Knowing when you want to start and complete the program allows you to then allocate how many hours of preparation you need to do each week.  Once you have this number, you need a deliberate plan on when you will find these hours for study.  You need to then adhere to this plan and ensure your weekly study goals are met.
Here is how Mr A and Mr B approached the issue of time management for the CAFM program:
Question Mr A Mr B 1. When will you start the program? June 08 15 Jul 08 2. When do you want to complete the program? November 09 Oct 08 3. How many exam sittings? Oct 08/ May 09/Oct 09 Oct 08 4. How many total hours do you estimate you need? 120 hours 80 hours 5. How many hours per week do you need to study? 18 months x 4 weeks = 72 120 hours/72 weeks = 1.7 hours/week 3 months x 4 weeks = 12 80 hours/12 weeks = 6.7 hours/week 6. When will you study? 2 hours/week Saturday mornings 0800-1000 2 hours each evening Mon to Thurs