Study Guide For Certification Exam


Congratulations for undertaking the CAFM/CAFS program.

Making the decision to expand your professional knowledge is the first step towards your certification.

Your commitment to thorough preparation will help to ensure your success. 

There is not a single strategy for all candidates, however, the below suggestions and guidelines can be personalized, by you, to design a study program that ensures your individual success.



The Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM/CAFS) program is a self-study academic program for current and future fleet managers and fleet supervisors. 

Created and administered by NAFA staff and professional member volunteers, it is both challenging and rewarding. 

The achievement of the CAFM/CAFS is an important accomplishment for a professional Fleet Manager or Fleet Supervisor.
Success in the CAFM program depends on passing 8 multiple-choice exams within 3 years.

For the CAFS program, success is gained with passing 4 multiple-choice exams within 2 years. 

The exams are available online through NAFA’s Learning Management System (LMS) and can be taken at any time.

Thorough preparation for these multiple-choice exams is necessary.  

Everyone starts with a different level of experience and learns at a different pace.

The time spent in study to successfully pass each exam will vary so each certification candidate must establish a unique study plan that works for them.

In determining what your study plan may be, please consider the following:

  • Familiarity with studying, particularly using study guides
  • Weekly time available for study
  • Familiarity with the subject matter
  • Personal and professional goals

CAFM graduates tell us that about 20 study hours per module is required to successfully prepare and pass the certification exams.

NAFA has developed a number of tools to help in your process of preparing for an exam.  

Please explore and consider the tools and recommendation below as you create your study plan.

The tools and recommendations include the following:

If you have any questions or comments, please contact NAFA Headquarters directly at 609-720-0882 or send e-mail to​