Curriculum Welcome

Curriculum Welcome

The Study Guides have been designed by the Certification Board to walk you through the modules of the certification program. If you are just starting your studies, you should ensure that you have access to the Study Guide, Reference Guide and all miscellaneous references for the module. You should then be able to answer all of the questions in the Study Guide.

The Study Guide is designed to highlight material from the references that is considered important. Please note, however that the Study Guide may ask a single question on a broad topic. You will be expected to know and understand the principle highlighted and then be able to apply it to a range of questions on that subject.

The tests that you will be writing contain application of knowledge questions rather than simple fact recall ones. This means that it is essential to fully answer the Study Guide, understand the material covered, and be able to apply the material to a fleet situation.

To access your study materials, you must be logged into your NAFA account. 
Once logged in, from your profile page, click on “My Digital Library”. 

If you experience trouble logging in, please send an email to or call 609-986-1049