Certification Policies

Certification Policies

Program Appeal Policy

All appeals, questions, or comments regarding the testing sites, test procedures, the test itself, etc must be submitted by letter to NAFA within 30 days of receiving exam results. Appeals must come from the candidate. Appeals will be considered by Education and Credentialing Oversight Board and a reply will be sent within 45 days of receipt. No further appeal is possible.


Accommodation Policy

Candidates registering to write exams for NAFA’s CAFM and CAFS programs can request accommodation for language, health-related or attention needs.

  • Language needs refer to a non-native English speaking candidate writing exams in other than their first language.
  • “Health-related needs” refers to a variety of medical conditions that impact a major life activity, such as those affecting digestion, immune function, respiration, circulation, endocrine functions, etc. Documented health needs include conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy and chronic pain.
  • “Attention” needs deal with diagnosed conditions that affect the candidates’ ability to concentrate fully and complete the testing in the normal environment and timeframe.


Accommodations allowed:

Language needs will be accommodated by permitting up to 33% additional time for testing.

Health need can be accommodated through:

  • special lighting
  • adjustable table or chair
  • extra breaks for medication or snacks
  • cushion

Some medical aids do not require approval for accommodations. These aids include but are not limited to:

  • those that are necessary for you to ambulate (cane, crutches, wheelchair, walker, prosthetic limb, service animal) or communicate (hearing aid, voice amplifier)
  • those that are otherwise required for health reasons (heart rate monitor)

If you require these types of medical aids, you do not need to request accommodations.

If you wear an insulin pump, you do not need to request accommodations unless your pump is especially noisy. If the pump is noisy and likely to disturb other test takers, requesting accommodations is a good idea so you can be scheduled in a separate room.

Attention needs will be accompanied by permitting up to 33% additional time for testing, allowing extra breaks and/or a separate room for the individual testing.

Request Process

If you require accommodations, you must:

  • Complete registration online (including payment)
  • Submit a letter of support from a medical doctor or other qualified professional stating the nature of the condition and the reason for the accommodation requested.


  • Submit documentation proving that English is not your first language.