NAFA Membership Categories

All Memberships are for individuals, not companies or agencies. Your membership entitles you to specific benefits and privileges not available to non-members.

Not Sure What Category You Fall Into?
Members are usually individuals who manage fleets of vehicles, while Affiliates are suppliers of products and/or services directly pertaining to the fleet industry.

Please click on each category for more details, dues and fees, and how to join.

If you have less than 25 vehicles in your fleet, join as an Associate Member or North American Web Subscriber.

Dues/Fees Assistance Is Available For Members In Need!

NAFA prides itself on our close-knit community and family essence. This especially plays a part in such times of economic and employment hardships that have affected so many members of the NAFA community.

For more information on how you may petition NAFA for a reduction of membership dues and Affiliation fees, click here

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