A Message From NAFA's Fleet Safety Advisory Council



To all our fellow Fleet Professionals,

We are all concerned with the safety of our drivers and those that they interact with every day as they do their jobs in our vehicles. On average, twenty percent of our drivers will be involved in a crash or other incident in any given year. With the advent of smart phones, PDA’s, tablets, and other electronic devices, texting and phone calls while driving have placed everyone on the road at a much higher risk level than ever before.

The Safety Advisory Council wants to put NAFA at the forefront of your safety efforts by providing:

  • A one-stop-shop for useful fleet safety information for our members
  • A voice raised to the vehicle manufacturers, various government entities, and others to raise fleet concerns and support safety efforts
  • A forum to discuss your safety-related problems and get answers
  • Safety educational tools you can use for your chapter meetings

The Council will be working diligently over the next months on developing this website to be a tool for your use. We hope that you’ll visit often to see the results of our efforts. We also hope that you’ll feel free to contact us to provide feedback on what information you would like to see or even to volunteer to participate on the Council.

The Fleet Safety Advisory Council is putting together a demonstration sample of an effective safety program and policy. We are looking for material to draw from for our sample. Please submit examples to  All submissions will be confidential and references to companies/agencies can be omitted at your discretion.

Thanks and safe driving!
Fleet Safety Advisory Council