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Taking the Initiative to Ensure Fleet Management Safety

NAFA provides the fleet industry with best practices on industry safety concerns including distractive driving, autonomous vehicles, vehicle safety, cyber security and more.


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NAFA Issues Distracted Driving Position Statement, Adopts No-Tolerance Policy

When an organization takes a stand and states certain behaviors are unacceptable, one can tell how seriously that organization honors that position by whether they themselves abide by it. NAFA Fleet Management Association, the premier association for the fleet profession, recognizes that the life blood of the job is the driver and ...

AAA Foundation Study Reveals Dangers of Getting Less Than 7 Hours of Sleep

An AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study, published in early-December 2016, warns drivers who miss between one to two hours of the recommended seven hours of sleep in a 24-hour period that they nearly double their risk for ...

A Message From NAFA's Fleet Safety Advisory Council

We are all concerned with the safety of our drivers and those that they interact with every day as they do their jobs in our vehicles. On average, twenty percent of our drivers will be involved in a crash or other incident in any given year ...

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