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NAFA’s Legislative Tracker

NAFA’s Legislative Tracker

NAFA’s Legislative Tracker provides you with a comprehensive look at legislation and regulatory issues impacting fleet in the United States.  The tracker sorts issues by subject matter, provides a quick summary and status report, and indicates NAFA’s position.  Be sure to check back regularly for the most current status on issues important to you as a fleet professional.


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August 2019 Legislative Summary

  • The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee released a draft of its five-year $287 billion surface transportation reauthorization bill, America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act (ATIA) . There will be a strong push to move the reauthorization bill through Congress, as the current funding authorization (The FAST Act) is set to expire at the end of FY 2020. ATIA includes funding authorization language for NAFA priorities, such as road user fee pilot studies and DERA grants.
  • NAFA joined allied organizations in sending a letter (tracker link to S. 1839/H.R. 2381) to House and Senate leadership, which calls for a repeal of the 12% federal excise tax (FET) on heavy-duty trucks and trailers. Visit NAFA’s legislative tracker (tracker link to S. 1839/H.R. 2381) to read the letter and learn more about pending legislative initiatives in Congress to repeal the FET.
  • NAFA and other members of the Safety Spectrum Coalition met (tracker link to V2X Technology Waivers) with officials from the FCC to discuss usage of cellular vehicle-to-everything (CV2X) technology and Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) within the 5.9Ghz band. Visit NAFA’s legislative tracker (tracker to V2X Communications) to learn more about NAFA’s regulatory work to preserve the spectrum for automotive safety technology use and to see a summary (tracker link to V2X Technology Waivers) of the meeting with the FCC.