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The Resource Center is your portal to services and resources dedicated to addressing the information needs of the fleet community. Realizing that time and money are of major concern to the fleet professional, the NAFA researches and accumulates data in various formats for you.

Follow the links and discover a few of the resources of your NAFA membership benefit! Some areas are accessible only to NAFA Members and Associates.


Publications – Members can visit NAFA’s publications for the latest fleet management information. NAFA's Publications include FLEETSolutions Magazine and Mobility Insights and Innovations Newsletter

Surveys - NAFA offers a variety of surveys to help fleet professionals determine the most-current benchmarks in fleet

Helpful-Links – Open to all, provides links to industry resources covering a variety of topics.

Webinars – Members can login to NAFA’s webinars to view recorded webinars from the archives or sign up for a future webinar.

Downloadable Fleet Documents – These ready-to-use PDFs, including a comprehensive glossary of procurement terminology and samples of actual Request For Proposals (RFPs) and responses, are accessible only to NAFA Members and Associates.

Need Additional Resources?

Please send us an email at describing what you’re looking for so we can help identify if an additional resource is available and where you may find it.  Or, we may connect you with a member who can provide some additional assistance.