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Director of Fleet Services; Fleet Manager; Director of Assets

Posted: 06/20/2017

Description: Michael McDonald 10623 Fowler Avenue Email: Omaha, NE 68134 (402) 598-3384 As the former Director of Asset Management for Mosaic, I built a fulfilling career by balancing exceptional organizational skills and cultivating strong relationships based on trust and dependability. You will find my broad base of experience as an advocate for the organizations I work for plus serving as an effective liaison between employees, clients and vendor partners to be of exceptional value for your organization. The key proficiencies that I can bring to this role are: Ideation: I am fascinated by ideas. I delight when I discover, beneath the complex surface, an easily understood pattern that explains why things are the way they are. For me, an idea is a connection. Connections lead to new ways of thinking about what is and what could be. Input: I am inquisitive and collect information from a variety of sources when approaching a project or challenge. I am open to ideas and feedback from other individuals and willing to consider information whether it reinforces my viewpoint or challenges it. Strategic: Once I have accumulated a desired level of input, I sort through it and find the best route forward. I see patterns where others simply see complexity. I have led many initiatives to highly successful outcomes. Responsibility: I take personal ownership for anything I commit to and follow it through to completion. Personal reputation is everything. Because of this quality people have confidently brought me new duties and projects because they know they will get done. Additionally, people involved with other organization we partner with to fulfill our objectives develop a strong sense of trust in our commitments and transactions with them. Belief: I have certain core values that are enduring. Among them are a strong family orientation, high ethics and altruism both in myself and others. I view success as more than money and prestige. These values are the foundation for all my relationships. My volunteerism, outside the work place, is a reflection of my commitment to by beliefs. In addition, I have a long history of taking leadership roles both in the workplace and the other areas of my life. These leadership roles are a testament to my commitment to be the best I can possibly be in all that I do. As a result of these experiences, I am equipped with a strong set of competencies that would benefit your organization. My attached resume further highlights the many accomplishments during my previous employment and my commitments to professional development and active service to our community. I am confident I can help your organization achieve it organizational goals and make an immediate contribution that positively impacts your strategy and vision. Thank you for your time and consideration. I am looking forward to speaking with you further regarding my specific qualifications. Sincerely, Michael McDonald

Geographic Pref: US Mountain (ID,MT,WY,CO,UT,NV)|US Central (ND,SD,NE,KS,MN,IA,MO)|US Great Lakes (WI,IL,IN,OH,MI)

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