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IARA Road to Recovery 2020


Join industry colleagues as IARA presents a series of three (3) Webinars providing information to assist you on your Road to Recovery:


May 8:           The Remarketing Road Ahead

Don’t miss your chance to hear economists Tom Kontos and Jonathan Smoke – BOTH IN ONE BROADCAST EXCLUSIVE TO IARA – as they provide a macro to micro perspective.
  • Status of the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact to the US economy
  • Latest retail used vehicle sales and price trends and what they reveal about the recovery
  • Regional differences in how local markets are recovering
  • Wholesale used vehicle price, volume and conversion rate trends pre- and post-COVID crisis onset
  • A high-level look at possible wholesale supply patterns for off-rental, off-lease, off-fleet, repo and dealer consigned units
  • Expectations on duration and intensity of impacts to wholesale market from COVID-19

Mark your calendars for our two upcoming broadcasts and watch as more information develops.

May 22:               Opportunities Discovered

Mega Dealer Groups discuss current actions and expected buying patterns in the near future.
  • Learn how dealers have adjusted to the effects of Covid 19 and what this means for consignors in the remarketing space
  • Where are dealer groups sourcing cars?
  • How are dealer groups sourcing cars?

June 5:                 Adjusting to the New Normal

Consignors from OEM’s, Captives, Banks, Commercial Fleets, and Rental Car Companies discuss the current remarketing landscape.

  • Find ways to maximize return on your inventories despite market changes

  • Discover how your remarketing strategy compares, competes or enhances current market dynamics