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How Electric Vehicles and Platforms Combine to Benefit the Future of Fleets

11/24/2020 - James Carter
With a worldwide effort to curtail climate change and air pollution, a transition toward electric vehicles may be inevitable. This means mobility will no longer be based on the supply chain parameters of oil and gas, but on how electricity can be delivered to our vehicles. While charging takes longer, it opens up new possibilities, not the least being a very significant reduction in cost for maintenance and energy needs — music to the ears of fleet managers.
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Future of Fleet: Advice from Next-Generation Fleet Managers

11/18/2020 - Jasmine Glasheen
Fleet managers have been forced to evolve faster now than ever before, and the evolution is opening the door for the next generation of fleet managers to create their footprint. As such, many of the rising stars in fleet today have fascinating origin stories about how they stumbled upon their careers in the automotive industry.
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Prepare Now to Tell Your Sustainability Stories to the Biden Administration

11/11/2020 -
Although the 2020 U.S. presidential results are not finalized — and may not be until January 2021 — NAFA’s U.S. Legislative Counsel Pat O’Connor says fleet managers can still prepare for a few likely scenarios.
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How the Final Mile Is Changing for Fleets

10/6/2020 - Mindy Long
E-commerce sales continue to grow and today’s consumers can buy virtually any product online anywhere and anytime. Online sales gained even more traction as shoppers stayed home to minimize the spread of Covid-19. What’s more, shoppers want fast deliveries and greater visibility. Increasing customer demands, sales growth and the need to social distance are all affecting the final mile for delivery fleets.
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Examining Fleet's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

9/30/2020 - Donald Dunphy
Where were you when you first heard the term COVID-19? When was the first time you thought about how it might impact your organization? Did your emergency response plans adequately cover pandemic requirements? On Wednesday morning, September 16, the third day of NAFA's Virtual I&E, moderator Matthew Betz, Expert - Fleet Optimization at DTE Energy, asked these questions and more to esteemed fleet leaders during the Fleet Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic presentation.
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Post-COVID Mobility and Electrification (And a European Perspective)

9/29/2020 - Lukas Neckermann
COVID has brought about many changes related to mobility and electrification. The types of vehicles we choose, the ways we use them and the overall need for various types of vehicles have changed. COVID has also accelerated the use of alternate mobility options across the world, especially in cities, impacting behaviors, number of miles driven and destinations. There’s no doubt such changes will have long-lasting impacts across the fleet industry, which will continue to evolve along with the post-pandemic business landscape, and it has accelerated the use of alternate mobility options across the world.
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Leaders from Three Major Associations Discuss the State of the Fleet Industry

9/22/2020 - Donald Dunphy
The 2020 State of the Fleet Industry General Session, which took place on the last day of NAFA's Virtual I&E, provided a high-level overview of current conditions within the fleet industry as it continues to evolve and adapt during this time of unprecedented challenge.  Moderated by Mike Antich, Editor and Associate Publisher of Automotive Fleet Magazine, the session looked at the impact of the worldwide pandemic on fleet, new protocols that are being developed, and the issues public and private sector fleet professionals must consider as they plan for an uncertain future in 2021 and beyond.
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Your Actions Today Will Change Tomorrow's Outcomes

9/22/2020 - by Donald Dunphy and Maggie McGary
Author and motivational speaker Brown took the virtual stage to share the story of his unconventional path to business and personal success, a philosophy he calls The Hero Effect®. The Hero Effect, Brown shared, is the recognition that heroism isn’t something only embodied by a handful of exceptional individuals; it’s something that we’re all capable of by striving to do the best we can do each and every day. It might sound simplistic, but as he shared anecdotes from his personal life highlighting the profound impact seemingly insignificant actions displayed by ordinary people throughout his life, he drove home the fact that actual heroism isn’t about flash or fanfare; it’s about humility.
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The Future of Fleet: Product and Service Sector

9/8/2020 - Jasmine Glasheen
I recently spoke with two young leaders in the Product and Service sector to hear about their experiences transitioning to the fleet business and how to get their perspectives on the ways their generation will help propel the industry to new heights.
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Asset Management Strategies for Fleet Leaders During Covid-19

8/24/2020 - Jasmine Glasheen
Fleet managers today are being asked to predict the future. Traditionally the term “rightsizing” refers to quantifying the vehicles and staff necessary to fulfill fleet functions. However, the coronavirus pandemic has made rightsizing challenging, as the delivery landscape of next week or even a few months from now remain uncertain­­.
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