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Your Actions Today Will Change Tomorrow's Outcomes

9/22/2020 - by Donald Dunphy and Maggie McGary
Author and motivational speaker Brown took the virtual stage to share the story of his unconventional path to business and personal success, a philosophy he calls The Hero Effect®. The Hero Effect, Brown shared, is the recognition that heroism isn’t something only embodied by a handful of exceptional individuals; it’s something that we’re all capable of by striving to do the best we can do each and every day. It might sound simplistic, but as he shared anecdotes from his personal life highlighting the profound impact seemingly insignificant actions displayed by ordinary people throughout his life, he drove home the fact that actual heroism isn’t about flash or fanfare; it’s about humility.
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The Future of Fleet: Product and Service Sector

9/8/2020 - Jasmine Glasheen
I recently spoke with two young leaders in the Product and Service sector to hear about their experiences transitioning to the fleet business and how to get their perspectives on the ways their generation will help propel the industry to new heights.
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Asset Management Strategies for Fleet Leaders During Covid-19

8/24/2020 - Jasmine Glasheen
Fleet managers today are being asked to predict the future. Traditionally the term “rightsizing” refers to quantifying the vehicles and staff necessary to fulfill fleet functions. However, the coronavirus pandemic has made rightsizing challenging, as the delivery landscape of next week or even a few months from now remain uncertain­­.
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Improve Safety, Reduce Liability

8/19/2020 - Mindy Long
Keeping drivers safe on the road is critical, and well-trained drivers can make the road safer for everyone, reduce a company's liability and improve efficiency. The National Safety Council reported that the most dangerous part of an employee's workday is when they are on the road, which is why it is vital to offer driver training, even to experienced drivers.
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Post-Covid Fleet Electrification

8/19/2020 - Lukas Neckermann
COVID-19 will accelerate many global trends – especially social and technological trends.  Working from home, home-delivery, broadband usage, automation and robotics have all spiked irreversibly during global lockdowns. Although perhaps it doesn’t immediately look like it, vehicle electrification – with fully-electric vehicles – will also grow post-crisis.
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Data Ownership and Privacy

8/19/2020 - Donald Dunphy and Patrick O’Connor
According to the AAA, Americans spend up to 70 billion hours per year driving. It estimates that per week, individual drivers travel more than 220 miles, an average of 11,498 miles each year. During that time behind the wheel, vehicle computer systems are learning about your driving habits, less-than-safe driving inclinations, how fast and often you speed, how hard you are braking, plus more.
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Trailblazing Women in the Fleet Industry

8/11/2020 - Jasmine Glasheen
Women are swiftly scaling ranks in the fleet industry. Today, women comprise 47 percent of the trucking workforce, including 7 percent of drivers and 23 percent of fleet management roles. The number of female fleet business owners is also on the rise. American Express 2019 State of Women-Owned Businesses report found that, between 2014 and 2019, the growth in the share of total employment by women-owned transportation and warehousing firms increased by 10 percent. The share of total revenue by women-owned firms in transportation and warehousing increased by 28 percent during this time.
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Six-Point Fleet Playbook

8/10/2020 - Mark Boada
The pandemic is the most recent example of the need to update procedures and policies documents. Five others include residual personal data in vehicle digital memory when vehicles are remarketed; legalized marijuana; using fleet vehicles for second jobs; carrying weapons; and using cell phones for calls and texting.
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Training Programs Pivot to Educate Future Techs Amid a Pandemic

8/3/2020 - Mindy Long
Training for automotive and diesel technicians is critical, and training programs have had to alter their curriculum to meet students’ needs while adhering to social distancing and safety protocols during the pandemic. Virtual education fills a critical need; many within the industry said a hybrid of online and offline learning, giving students the choice, makes modern education and training relevant and convenient.
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Do You Have a Personal Mission Statement?

8/3/2020 - Donald Dunphy and Jasmine Glasheen
We are now five months into the coronavirus pandemic. Our work lives have been put on pause, or fast forward for first responders­, which has sparked a lot of thinking about our life purpose.  For all of the devastation this virus has wreaked, it has given us a chance to review what we stand for and how we want to navigate our lives.
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