CAFM: Keeping Up and Staying Ahead

CAFM: Keeping Up and Staying Ahead

June 2020


The CAFM program can become your essential tool for maintaining high standards and being up to date on best practices and operational procedures. Brandon Wilkins, CAFM, Fleet Management Parts Lead for Orange County, FL's Sheriff’s Office says, "In speaking with other fleet professionals, the overwhelmingly positive feedback about the CAFM program made my decision to pursue this very easy.” He adds, "When I saw CAFM was listed on the 'Top Certifications for 2019,'  I knew it was a resume-builder. What I did not know was how many gaps I had regarding comprehension of various fleet disciplines, along with common fleet practices. I did not realize how much knowledge I was lacking until digging into the first CAFM module."

 Wilkins observations on the value of continuing education are echoed by Timothy Trace, U.S. Air Force Director, AFFOR Transportation Training Center – Europe:

The CAFM Boot Camp Webinars have been critical to the success of my team learning the materials in the self-study program and gaining their CAFM Certifications!"


Relevant Education Always Matters

Certification is useful at all stages of a career. Kevin Callahan, CAFM, Fleet Services Division Manager for the City of Auburn, Alabama and a 23-year fleet professional veteran says, “Working for the City of Auburn, my superiors are all for professional development. There were no questions asked. they see the value in the certification and fully supported me.” Callahan states he took the CAFM to better himself and, at the same time, be able to do his job more efficiently. “CAFM covers all areas of fleet management. The different modules reflect real-world requirements and needed skills to do this job successfully. It is a terrific tool to have and the information I learned from the modules helps me to perform my duties daily,” he says.

Wilkins is an advocate and says he quickly turned the instruction into action, "Particularly the Asset Management and Business Management modules. Working in the public sector, these gave me a standardized view of common practices. I also learned the importance of always receiving input from all stakeholders effected by any given decision. Nobody is the smartest person in the room."
Callahan uses his experience as an encouragement to others, showing that no matter how long you’re in the fleet game, there’s still so much more to learn. “As the fleet manager, I push my team to continue to improve and to always be looking for ways to improve yourself. Learning is incredibly important, to challenge yourself and to learn new things. Then set another goal, start on it, and keep moving forward.”


The Ultimate Reward

Wilkins offers potential CAFM students some advice to maximize their CAFM experience, "Take your time and absorb the content," he says. "The tests are not easy but are very rewarding, and continuing education in this field is incredibly important. He adds, " To graduate, NAFA requires a comprehensive knowledge of all modules. The CAFM modules cover nearly every aspect of fleet management. Every fleet professional can benefit in one way or another."
Callahan concludes that CAFM certification is a fundamental aspect of that professional and personal growth. “Once you accomplish it, the sense of achievement is amazing.”

On a final note, Wilkins says, "The fleet industry and automotive technology are ever changing. To keep up with current best practices, continuing education like the CAFM program is only way."

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