Marketing Opportunities


E-Broadcast Service

Do you want to

  • Notify membership of your latest products and services?

  • Do you want to alert NAFA membership about the services your company offers?

  • Do you want to promote your company to NAFA membership?

The e-broadcast service allows you to reach the entire membership through email. This service is available exclusively to NAFA Members.




Full Membership List  (All NAFA members)

$1000 USD

Fleet Managers Only  (NAFA Regular Members)

$1200 USD

Receive a 10% discount when three or more email messages are reserved at the same time. Contact Weston Kalogeridis at 313-610-8092 or for details.


We have been using NAFA's ebroadcast service throughout the year to successfully maintain engagement with fleet professionals, while delivering results for our sales team."  
Sharon Sutton, Director of Marketing & Communications, Agile Fleet



Reservation Process

Purchasers must supply a completed message in the form of a file using html code that uses inline styling.

For an additional fee of $200, an email with two images can be sent (for example, one photo and one logo) to be placed at NAFA’s discretion within the message. A test message will be sent for approval before actual broadcast. Once approved, the message is emailed out in the reserved time slot.

Additional Information

Messages are intended as a service to our membership so that they can better reach their target market for promotional purposes and will be reviewed for acceptance and broadcast at NAFA’s discretion. Inappropriate materials and messages will be denied. This service cannot be utilized to send messages asking NAFA Members to participate in surveys, benchmarking activity, or in other similar activities. Promotional messages are not to appear that NAFA endorses any company, service, or product. The NAFA logo and NAFA name may not be used without NAFA’s prior approval. Messages will not be sent to potential/prospective members or potential/prospective affiliates in the NAFA database. This service is available exclusively for Members. NAFA Members will be invoiced pre-broadcast.