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An Associate Member Is…Full_affiliate_photo

Any individual not eligible for Regular Member status but who has a direct interest in motor vehicle fleet administration through the supply of products and/or services directly pertaining to the industry and who supports NAFA and subscribes to its aims and purposes.  In most cases, the individual sells products for the fleet industry.

Benefits of Being an Associate Member

  • Network with fleet professionals locally, nationally, and virtually
  • Build company recognition within a niche industry
  • Marketing, advertising, exhibiting, and sponsorship opportunities and discounts for NAFA Members only
  • Volunteer and enhance your professional commitment

 Associate Member Benefits

Associate Member Additional:  Any individual not eligible for Regular Member status whose company is represented by at least one Associate Member in good standing.  Note:  If your company does not have at least one good-standing Associate Member, you must apply for Associate Member status. 


No Associate Member may have more than five Associate Members Additional linked to his/her account; a sixth Associate Member must apply for Associate Member status.


Membership Dues

Membership Dues
U.S. Associate $499.00 U.S.
U.S. Associate Additional $409.00 U.S.
Canadian Associate $499.00 U.S. plus applicable taxes
Canadian Associate Additional $409.00 U.S. plus applicable taxes
International Associate $749.00 U.S.
International Associate Additional $659.00 U.S.

$85.00 of each person’s membership dues are applied to a subscription to NAFA’s FLEETSolutions, the Association’s official magazine.

How Do I Join


U.S. & Canadian 2017 Full Affiliate PDF

International 2017 Full Affiliate PDF

French Version U.S. & Canadian 2017 Full Affiliate PDF

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Note: NAFA’s Board of Directors determines membership dues. The Directors have the power to waive or reduce dues in such instances and at such times as it deems appropriate and proper. Dues cannot be refunded, in whole or in part, without consent of the Board of Directors.

Dues or gifts to NAFA, Inc. are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. They may, however, be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses. In the U.S., a small portion of dues are not tax deductible because of certain NAFA activities which are considered non-deductible lobbying expenses. Please contact NAFA for the current non-deductible percentage.