Associate Benefits

Associate Benefits

Commitment, contribution, and education are just three words to describe the professional qualities of NAFA Associates . Our Associates have made the investment and commitment in not just the fleet management industry, but within the association itself. NAFA is the association that will help you enhance your customer relationships and build your business.

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Top Reasons To Become A NAFA Associate

  1. Network Locally, Virtually, Nationally
  2. Marketing via Advertising (print and online), Chapter Support, Exhibitor Opportunities, Sponsorship
  3. Volunteer and Enhance Your Professional Commitment
  4. Build Company Recognition

What Comes With Your Associate

  • Online Networking Databases With three online, searchable networking databases for NAFA Members and Associates, not only will you be able to locate Members by name, company, location, NAFA chapter, or member expertise, but our Members will be able to locate you by chapter, company, locations and by your Associate service or product. The “Find an Associate Product/Service” database has 50-plus categories to search so that Members can quickly and easily locate you. All databases are updated throughout the year and are for the exclusive use of current NAFA Members and Associates.
  • Chapter Support Share your expertise at regional chapter meetings. NAFA has 33 chapters across the United States and Canada to provide you with informal settings to meet local professionals face to face.
  • Volunteer Opportunities – With the National Associates Committee, you can help shape new programs and services. On the local level, chapter Associate chairs play a vital role in the development of chapter programs, membership efforts and expansion of the NAFA name. Volunteering is a great way to network in the association.
  • E-Broadcast Service  Only as a NAFA Associate will you have the option of sending an email message to NAFA membership while giving membership the security of knowing their email addresses are secure.
  • Advertising and Marketing Opportunities – NAFA offers Associates a wide variety of marketing opportunities to reach today’s professional fleet management community. Advertise on our website, in our publications, sponsorships, and much more!
  • Exhibit at NAFA’s Annual Institute & Expo – Participate in our 4-day, premier education conference and fleet exposition that we call the Institute & Expo (I&E).