Fleet Management is More Than Just Software

Fleet Management is MORE Than Just Software

Do you rely on telematics or fleet management software to run your fleet?  

Software applications provide a Fleet Manager with a variety of powerful insights on how well the fleet is operating.  But there is more to fleet management than most software systems provide which includes reducing risks, capitalizing on efficiencies and optimizing operational costs.

How about the “soft skills” which are necessary to motivate staff, encourage productivity, and drive true operational excellence?

For more than 60 years, NAFA has introduced fleet professionals to the technology and the concepts that bring out the best in your staff and processes.


Fleet Managers join NAFA's community to learn best practices, minimize the risks and reduce the overall operational cost associated with running a fleet.  In addition, a fleet manager must also be a forward thinker, who develops strong social skills working with both drivers and suppliers on a regular basis.


Besides using software, fleet manager is knowledgeable in:

Join the world’s largest fleet community and start taking advantage of the education, resources, networking and events NAFA Fleet Management Association delivers.

  1. Education – Start with Fleet101, the popular introduction to fleet management, then more to online learning webinars providing continuous education, followed with industry leading certifications. 
  2. Resources – Robust groupings of resources including whitepapers, surveys, publications and document templates
  3. Events - Build lifelong friendships with peers, learn from industry experts, engage face-to-face with suppliers, and build your network at local chapter meetings.
  4. Networking – Connect with the Community of 3,000+ knowledgeable, welcoming and passionate colleagues helping you save time, resources and money!
  Join today and make a difference by taking advantage of NAFA's resources!