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How Fleet Management Links with Procurement in the Supply Chain

Fleet professionals are realizing that being an expert in their domain is not enough.  They absolutely need to understand strategic sourcing in order to lend their expertise to the process and ensure their needs are being met.

Join NAFA members David Hayward, Kate Vigneau, CAFM, Dianne Seibert, and Julia Pedini, who share their experiences first hand and discover how a little procurement knowledge goes a long way. Ensure your success by understanding the knowledge they've learned about sourcing and how they interact with their procurement departments.  Dive in to the discussion on how to best operate in these waters!
Why Attend:
  • A better-informed fleet manager can make more impactful contributions to procurement decisions.
  • The world is evolving and the role of the fleet manager in the procurement decision is changing.
  • Fleet spend is a significant line item in an organization’s budget, warranting the involvement of a professional fleet manager in the procurement discussion

Webinar Content:
  1. The changing role and relationship of fleet and procurement specialists
  2. Evolution and steps involved in Strategic Sourcing/Procurement
  3. Stakeholder responsibilities (fleet, procurement, finance, user departments, environment, safety, etc)
  4. Category Management and Supplier Relationship Management
  5. Procurement Decision Factors and Selector process
  6. Negotiating and decision-making – The Debate
  7. Resources for career/knowledge development
  8. Impact of The Disruptors – sharing economy, sustainability and succession