Are Electric Vehicles realistic for fleets? Cost & feasibility from 50,000 vehicles. Case studies from the Fleet Managers of US Diagnostics and Pharmaceutical companies

Event Date: 06/24/2020

Times: Live Webinar Date: Wednesday, June 24th @ 12:00 - 1:00pm Eastern

Event location: Register Online

Topics:Attendees &  fleet leaders will learn what vehicles and use-cases are ready now, how to use their FMC, fuel or telematics data to make EV decisions, what cost and carbon savings to expect, and which applications are the most viable for EV.  eIQ Mobility has built EValuate, a decision tool that can generate a data-driven fleet electrification plan based on routes, mileage, weather, available EV model specs, incentives, and electric rates. As of today, EValuate has millions of data points for tens of thousands of vehicles from their 20+ major fleet customers in North America, as will share EV feasibility results based on this data. The Fleet Managers from US Pharmaceutical and US Diagnostics companies will join the webinar to share their Electric Vehicle journey, how they are making decisions and deploying EVs for their fleets in North America. This webinar provides deep insights into the cost & operational feasibility of EVs for fleets, including actual EV TCO costs.
Learning Objectives:

  1. Obj 1: provide fleet leaders with real use-cases of EV feasibility, based on actual US fleet data across the USA
  2. Obj 2: hear their real EV experiences from 2 Fleet Managers from US Pharmaceutical and Diagnostics Companies
  3. Obj 3: show fleet leaders how they can use existing data to make EV decisions that span their entire fleet scope & locations across the US

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