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CAFM Live at NAFA's Institute and Expo

Come to CAFM Live and as a special bonus, attend NAFA's Institute and Expo, the fleet industry’s leading annual event.
CAFM Live is a vibrant, continuing education certification-focused community and event where you’ll meet potential new colleagues, friends and fellow learners. NAFA's Institute and Expo is an exciting experiential event designed to inform, inspire and connect current or aspiring leaders in the fleet industry.  
Combine the best of both worlds at CAFM Live and NAFA's Institute and Expo
By attending CAFM Live, you have the opportunity, at no additional cost, to also attend NAFA's Institute and Expo including all educational sessions, keynotes, networking events and the exhibition.

About CAFM Live: The NAFA Certification Program Live Event


The fleet/mobility management industry is advancing at rapid speed. Stay relevant and up your professional game with cutting-edge education offered at CAFM Live, a 3-day learning program for advanced fleet education that covers all certification modules and prepares you for your exams - presented in conjunction with the 2020 NAFA Institute and Expo, April 5-9, Indianapolis, Indiana.

CAFM Live goes far beyond your typical continuing education program, offering you a comprehensive in-person experience that supports the fleet/mobility management industry today, tomorrow and into the future. 

Are You Ready to Achieve Your NAFA CAFM Certification?

CAFM Live delivers the in-person instructor-led training you need to fulfill your certification goals. 
Industry Fact: CAFM certified professionals earn up to 27% more income across their fleet careers, based on Certification Report, 2018.
NAFA’s CAFM Live program, used in conjunction with Reference and Study Guides and other online learning opportunities to help you grow your expertise and expand your abilities to solve ever-complex fleet challenges – while aiding you in earning your Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM®) certification.  

As an enrollee, NAFA will be there with you along your learning journey. We will share communications on an ongoing basis offering study materials, provide quick links and access to online materials and keep you abreast of timelines all with the goal to aid you in getting the help and resources you need to prepare, take your exams and gain your CAFM certification.

How CAFM Live Works

  • You must be enrolled in the CAFM Certification Program to attend CAFM Live.
  • Once enrolled in the CAFM Certification Program then register for CAFM Live.
  • Enrollees receive access to 8 live boot camp module sessions and 2 computer-based exams per module. 
  • Paid enrollees gain access and can attend NAFA’s Institute & Expo (including expo hall, keynotes and all educational sessions) without additional fees.
  • Once you enroll, you will receive an email providing access to the computer based testing platform (CBT) exams via a promo code that you can use anytime or anywhere. 
  • A quiet room will be provided at I&E for those that want to test onsite during CAFM Live.
  • If you prefer to test on site, bring your laptop or rent a NAFA provided laptop onsite. Please see details on the CAFM Computer Based Testing Information page. 


  • Deadline for taking your exams with provided promo codes is April 10, 2020.  
  • If you are not attending CAFM Live and you plan to complete your studies and walk for the CAFM graduation – Testing must be done by Saturday, April 4th by 4pm EST.
  • Enrollees who successfully complete their exams onsite at CAFM Live are not eligible to participate in the onsite CAFM graduation at this time. 


  1. Take your independent preparation seriously and complete all Study Guide questions prior to Institute & Expo. 
  2. Register online.
  3. Once enrolled and registered you receive an email with promo codes for your exames. If you do not receive an email, please contact
  4. For details on the graduation ceremony at I&E, contact
  5. For any questions regarding exams please contact

For complete details on CAFM Certification Program visit